How to Dry Practice

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33 thoughts on “How to Dry Practice

  1. The Anti-Mason says:

    Good advice, Billy! I especially like your suggestion concerning training while you're dressed from being out, which is what I do. Although, I train for 10 to 15 minutes. I go over draws, reloads, shooting to cover, and even malfunctions, such as stovepipes and FTF, with snap caps.

  2. micky mcfarts says:

    You can stand or even sit and watch tv: and while you watch tv, set a standard – every "fighting age male" I see I will draw and do what ever, body body head, 1 reload 1, what ever. Mr B how do you feel about snap caps? Your channel needs more views you put up good stuff.

  3. William Nichols says:

    Thanks for all the help, Billy. I've been using it, but I have a question: My pistol is DA/SA, so if I dry practice multiple shots can I just pull the DA trigger three times, or will that mess me up during live fire when the follow-up shots are SA?

  4. Adam Christenson says:

    Thank you Billy for all of your great videos. It is refreshing to watch videos from an intelligent person that can deliver the message/information clearly and concisely. Please keep up the great work, you are a true asset to the citizens of this country.

  5. DeMatos Cris says:

    Hi Billy ! first let me congratulate you on this series, it is great that you take time to help us and for that I thank you !
    Next is i’m having a hard time wiping both eyes open and on target do you have any tip for that?

  6. xxmrbrooksxx says:

    Thanks for the very informative video. The multiple trigger presses I recently started doing during my dry practice. I do mine from concealment. I learned a lot from this video. I always do from your videos. Thanks for the great content.

  7. Chance Carlton says:

    Alright. Well, I'll take the Pepsi challenge. I will add this as well. I probably would be divorced if I went 25 minutes lol, she still has not recovered from the plate carrier purchase. Course I was a genius when Ferguson was burning and police were not responding to calls but that was soon forgotten.

    Looks like a great routine and I like how you threw in what has not worked well. Some of my best lessons have been what not to do.

    You are really helping a lot of people save money, time and effort.

  8. TheAriarob33 says:

    Thanks, Billy. The "re-cocking" bit gave perspective to a question I've always had about training scars with dry practice.

    Any recommendations on shot timers? The ones I've looked at on Amazon or whatever always seem to have mixed reviews.

  9. Travis Purdin says:

    Well Billy that's some more great advice,the only problem I see is with how you said you chamber check with striker fired guns but when you do that in these drills your looking for an empty chamber and then reholster the gun. To me that looks like it could cause a real problem in a fight where there's more than one threat and you shoot and stop the first threat do your chamber check and for some unknown reason another live round did not chamber,you do your check yep it's an empty chamber and then out of no where his tweeker buddy is changing you with a knife so you side step draw and click instead bang.

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