25 thoughts on “How to Draw and Shoot While Engaged in Close-Range Combat | CLOSE-RANGE GUNFIGHTING

  1. LuekalanunFerdalan says:

    0:05 duurr gotta turn my back to the enemy and freeze were did he go? i cant turn around immediately and stab him in the face while hes fiddeling for his gun.

    0:21 duh gotta keep running forward and stabbing the air instead of changing my direction a bit to the left

  2. wheelkick says:

    Good information. Respectfully though Re: your extreme CCQ shooting at 5:35, the gun should be cantered slightly away from your body. A looser fitting shirt or someone with more body fat, could interfere with the slide and cause a malfunction.

  3. john smith says:

    Real knife attack are not the same speed n looooong stroke over the head as all these tacticool guys practice. There a video a guy in Nicaragua kill all 3 armed cops n he did it with a knife he was real fast.

  4. BlueMetalJacket1 says:

    I can't wait for particle guns to be a reality. No more jams (: and yes the 2nd Amendment guarantees people's right to bear arms. Not thinking so is foolish like saying "the word 'right' isn't in mentioned in the Amendments concerning free speech and the right against unlawful search and seizure either. Pseudo-liberals make me laugh LOL.

  5. myownspiritlevel says:

    The right of self defense is the natural right/God-given right. Firearms just happen to be the current way we defend ourselves. Ancient man used clubs and spears. Maybe one day we'll use particle guns. Who knows?

  6. 455eley says:

    My father put a bb gun in my hands at 4 years old and taught me how to properly handle it I know a 12 year old that started shooting firearms at 3 and he handles a firearm safer than anyone else I have seen

  7. serraniumxetra says:

    after turning the net upside down ive found it but still don't get it.
    so ive read a documentation of the second amendment and all i can say is that politics are same every where.
    to much smoke and very little flame. and in which way is it a "god-given right" to give people weapons?. this makes me thinks that kids than don't know better would have a gun at their 4 yr bt present just because some one thought it would be a natural right. and it gave me a headache to damn u XD

  8. myownspiritlevel says:

    It began even before the writing of the U.S. Constitution. The wording of the 2d Amendment, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed," presumes that the right already existed. It's as if the Founding Fathers thought of it as a natural right; a God-given right (which they did).

  9. serraniumxetra says:

    well no matter how you look at it i think it would be better if humanity were to disappear just to see what would happen to the world…cuz as long as we humans exist we will always be in conflict for even the silliest thing like relligion, money, and the likes

  10. myownspiritlevel says:

    Well…no…I can't personally guarantee that every gun store in the U.S. follows the law. That is the ATF's job, and they are very diligent people who'd love nothing more than to do a SWAT team raid on a gun store that is breaking the law. I own many different guns of all types, and I had to pass a background check for every single one of them. BTW, you do not need a license to own a gun in the U.S., unless you conceal carry. A criminal is always going to get a gun regardless of laws.

  11. serraniumxetra says:

    a role in this due to fact that i generates money.
    myself i'm from Brazil and i was born 87. and i'm quite lucky to even be alive
    between 70 and late 80 cops where to shoot children in the middle of the street due to stealing. but that story is irrelevant. another great factor in this kill with gun thing is religious beliefs and i know i don't need to say more. and the more i think bout it the more i lose hope for a peaceful world.. at least we don't have a war here in sweden…

  12. das man says:

    Unfortunately those people you speak of still have access to firearms whether they are illegal or not. I am going to assume that the gangs in your country still commit the same crimes using firearms or other weapons as means of intimidation, no? So out of curiosity how is this an argument for the outlawing of firearms? Again, what about cars, people commit vehicular homicide all the time, should we outlaw those as well? Should we outlaw money?

  13. serraniumxetra says:

    the problem with technology is that as long it generates money one can care less for those who suffers because of it. from machinery to tools. another problem is money. people who don't have money need to get food somehow and thus they steal in order to survive. and since people tend to get desperate they even get themselves a firearm. and then we have the family problem or gangs as it is called. people who think their group is like a country that needs to expand.
    and drugs and sex plays…

  14. das man says:

    What we should really be looking at is if the ownership of legally obtained firearms owned by responsible citizens actually thwart crime? In this country statistics point to yes. Again, relying solely on these statistics is not good enough because of the vast amount variables involved. What we really need to do is fund independent research that will lead us to the truth. I don't like guns, I wish whole heartedly we could live in a world of peace free of violence, but that's just not the reality.

  15. das man says:

    2 of 2 However, there will always be people out there who use technology for questionable or even "evil" means. These people don't have respect for this technology and use it to harm people outside of culturally sanctioned contexts. I.E murder. What must be realized is that these people, if they really want to kill someone will. They will use cars, drugs, knives, and even espionage to end their victims life. Should we outlaw all of these things as well? Should we outlaw all dangerous things?

  16. das man says:

    1 of 2 It is unfair to argue the point that more guns lead to more gun violence, that is a given and irrelevant in my opinion. When you compare the statistics gathered over the years regarding crime vs. gun ownership, you will see that crime has consistently dropped in our country when ownership has gone up. It is true only people with the upmost respect for firearms should be in the position to possess one… 1of 2

  17. serraniumxetra says:

    in a lot of movies they say that a sword don't kill a man but the hand that hold the sword… now as far as culture goes the us always had guns.. don't really know where it begun but it do kills people.
    in Sweden we have alcohol that kills and in both situation the man is at fault the only problem is that people have little respect towards arms or alcohol, specially when they're angry or scared or simply stupid by nature. and yes here there are also a lot of variables.

  18. serraniumxetra says:

    so you can guarantee that every gun store in the us follows the set rules for selling weapons? then explain to me why a lot of people that don't have a licence or a clean record get a hold on a gun? i mean yeah we have the same problem in Sweden but at least we have almost zero casualties related to guns… and btw sorry for being an Ahole but i'm interested in how people think 😛

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