How to disassemble and maintain the ZT 0452CF Pocketknife



The Zero Tolerance 0452CF is a very nice, very smooth pocketknife. Today, I show you how to take it apart, lubricate and clean, and put it back together for …

46 thoughts on “How to disassemble and maintain the ZT 0452CF Pocketknife

  1. Jimmy Jim says:

    I sent my ZT 0450 in for warranty work (very strong detent) and when I called them they were extremely rude and told me they wouldn't include a deep carry clip.

  2. ian leicester says:

    hey nick, everytime i try to disassemble a knife mainly spyderco up to now. i cannot budge the things at all obviously got locktight on the threads. how do you over come this ? i don't want to buy a soldering iron and heat it up really. mainly though i want to re lube my zt 0452 cf and repeat what you have done. did the zt have locktight applied to begin with ? and after you re-apply the blue locktight i think it is you use how do you again dissasemble the knife in the future if it has the locktight on > hope you can reply buddy ???? also what thickness or viscosity is the nano oil , great channel.

  3. MICHON MADI says:

    …continued from previous comment. Submitting to that sort of mentality generates the kind of government forced laws to where you can’t carry a knife at all.

  4. MICHON MADI says:

    As long as the knife is legal I wouldn’t worry too much about whether people are scared of not… that’s their problem… Carry an extra small knife and conceal your large knife. You’re seriously not going to have good protection for yourself when that situation arises because you didn’t want to scare somebody makes no sense.

  5. SweetMooch says:

    I just got this knife today. I fucking LOVE it. at 6'3" i do have larger hands. But even my girl with small hands says she is comfortable holding it due to the thing structure of it. It is replacing my benchmade griptilian and i have a feeling i am not going back.

  6. Cool C says:

    I couldn't resist any longer!  I just caved in and ordered this guy! been thinking about it for months, so figure just to get the damn thing lol

  7. Stoney Lonsome says:

    I tried and tried to get ZT to sell me a satin blade for the 0450CF- I figured the regular 0450 blade would fit it and I wanted that satin finish instead of the DLC coated black blade on the CF. They have a program where if you break you blade they will sell you one for 35 bucks- but they won't do it unless you send the knife in and let them install it- and they will only install the blade for that knife- period. I tried and tried to get them to sell me an 0450 blade but, they finally got mad at me so- I had to back off. They should've done it- doesn't really make sense why they wouldn't tbh- I guess they were afraid everyone would start sending their knives in wanting the blade changed out. Anyway- I sold the knife as a result- I couldn't take that all black, tactical Johnny look- not for me. I'm thinking about getting the 0450 but, tbh I dunno- you go from Tactical Johnny to "Here's Johnny" in everyone else's eyes so- maybe I should get a roadie and call it even.

  8. J K says:

    What's ur thought on the carbon fiber scale with no liners ? has anyone here face any cracking of the scales before upon hard use/regular usage?

  9. Colby C. says:

    I sent a email to ZT about a pocket clip and screw's never got a email back but five days later a new pocket clip and screw's showed up in my mailbox in my world that's​ outstanding customer service

  10. 1AD7um1 says:

    thanks for the vid man just watching because I just now ordered my second 0452, I ordered the gold EDITION this time so yea just watching vids on the tube!

  11. Laurie Campbell says:

    Just love this knife and like my BM 710 SPECIAL it gets shown off a lot but never carried on the streets, they would throw me in the nick( british word for jail) if I ever did.

  12. arlo12345678910 says:

    I love it!! Wont waste 13 cents of Loctite for an actual container of Loctite with an actual needle applicator which would make your life instantly irrupt in a chorus of angle because all is right with the world and you'd no longer have to dick around with that silly little tube there. Alas! Pride's got you son… hehe classic! ……I have a little tube like that too that's been a punch in the face for so long….cant wait till my tube's gone too.. I'll then get one with a needle applicator..hehe

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