How to Disarm a Weapon



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20 thoughts on “How to Disarm a Weapon

  1. Vsm Yu says:

    James Bond don t point his gun with a straught arm. In from Russia with love , look how Robert Shaw ( Spectre spy) contain Bond in the train.

  2. the popular shark galaxy says:

    The best gun defense depends on the situation. There's a difference between a gun threat and gun violence. A gun threat is when the person flashes their gun or have out. If is a robbery give them what they want. Gun violence is when the person is shooting already. I see a lot these videos. Some make sense others don't. Talking your way out of a situation might work or might not work. If you're in the latter situation what should you do?

  3. ghost rider says:

    everything is ok… but what if thieves and gun men watch these techniques and they start their new own tactics to do their work……… no offence its just a doubt xD 😛

  4. Jack Adams says:

    I was in an incident with the police …long story lol ..but it was a mistake ..the officer pulled a gun in me ..I shot my pants !! joking ..but the cops hand was shaking like crazy was mistaken identity ..but it is scarey plus the cop was just as scared …

  5. Mateus Do Vale says:

    I got what you trying to say, but sometimes you NEED to react. Just it.

    Here in Brazil, these shi* thugs WILL kill you if you don't have a good amount of money.
    And a lot of times they WILL kill for nothing.
    As they did with one pregnant recently.

    You need to understand the situation. If theres a chance, react.

    I don't know about how thugs act in another countries, by the way..


  6. Joe says:

    You can grab the gun by the slide, point it somewhere else, and when or if he pulls the trigger, then it's almost pretty safe from there. You are not going to hurt yourself if a round goes off while you hold the slide. The slide won't move, so the the spent cartridge will not eject, and the gun won't pick another round to fire, so he can pull the trigger all he wants, the gun is dead by that point (Don't believe me? watch?v=KVtXPIjM3jQ)

    The only way you could loose is if he just plain out-force you and takes his gun back, racks the slide to get rid of the cartridge and get a new round in the chamber, but by that time, I would have run like Bolt and beyond 50 meters, he is not going to hit you, not with a gun like that, he is not a trained shooter, he is just a mugger with a gun.

    I mean, if he had any training, he would never get close enough for you to have any reach to his weapon. Guns are long range weapons, you don't need to get that close to rob someone.

    Just a tip, I just rather give him the money and that's it, but if he doesn't want money, but your life, then that's something to have in mind, just in case.

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