How to Disarm a Knife Pointed at You | Weapon Disarm Techniques

Whatever weapon an attacker points at you, these dangers requires careful actions in order to disarm your attacker. A knife at close range is a serious threat.

45 thoughts on “How to Disarm a Knife Pointed at You | Weapon Disarm Techniques

  1. brian wilson says:

    This wont work youll get your hands chopped off there are NO effective ways to take it. Especially if they do small wrist movments dude a centimeter adjustment on the angle of the blad and youve cut your own hands lost a finger you name it. Just run the fuck away and f you have no other ways to run then take the knife (get cut or stabbed but stop them from following up making combos) and one kf you goes to the hospital the other goes to the morge. If you do this you will lose

  2. Amanda Rudy says:

    That is the fitting youtube video for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize a lot its almost arduous to argue with you (not that I actually would needHaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, just nice!

  3. Dirty Sprite says:

    Is this a joke? In reality, not many people will just stand that close with a knife and if they do they're either going to attack you straight up with fast, brutal and vicious but uncoordinated attacks which are almost impossible to block, and if they don't the best thing to do is comply anyway.

    I've seen two grown men try this in a situation which is simulated realism and the attacker's grip on the knife was too strong for that to simply fly out of their hand.

  4. Raviraj Jayaprakasam says:

    I've done this in which my bro had pointed a wooden knife against me, but it fails….
    cheap trick guys u will live long and pospher… God bless you…
    I request u all people who watch this video, pls don't try it will fail, if …then u will suffer

  5. Danzky Hiramis says:

    not safety to this arm your knife you must move your body and many position how to dis arm the knife? one of the best style on how to this arm the knife,Known as skrima de campo, or dose pares, founder Lapu lapu who killed magelan from cebu philippines he use the stick called dose pares,or skrima de campo,or arnis, one of the best style and very best for self defence safety training program today just pay 20 dollars one month only, your life and your family you can protect all of them?

  6. IEatTryHards says:

    I watched so many videos to disarm a knife, and none seem good, so since I'm confident in my speed and agility, I'll just run really fast zig zaging randomly and getting infront of any obstacles to possibly block a knife throw. I think that's the best way if you're not confident that you know how to disarm a knife.

  7. Superior Defender XII says:

    This is why I prefer martial arts like Taekwondo or kickboxing. Legs are the strongest and lengthiest striking part of your body. A front snap kick to the attackers gut will wind him/her and they'll drop the knife. Your leg is twice as long as your arms and three times as strong. That's why kicking is an instinct when people get attacked. It's the bodies natural defense performing a final stand. In Taekwondo we have what's called the back stance. The back stance keeps the majority of your upper body away from your opponent while simultaneously keeping your legs closer to your opponent so you can strike them with a kick to the gut or head. But keep your body a distance away from a knife or punches in general.

  8. Unddo Zahaz says:

    The thing is tho is that when the guy pointing the knife at you sees you move, HE'S GONNA REACT. Also, why would he be holding the knife like a foot away from you? That's just a rookie mistake. It's a knife not a gun.

  9. Kevin McDonald says:

    If you want it to work you have to be 100% sure about what you're doing and do it fast. If you second guess or you're scared you should just listen to the bad guy and do what he tells you. On the other hand there are lots of other and better knife disarm techniques.

  10. MrDoctorbudo says:

    the first example shows you how to get sliced ( but, be aware , not every assault happens as rhythmically as the tide). So in the event that a perpetrator presents you in a life threatening situation, and you're not surrounded by a host of MMA veterans.. I reckon..
    a/ If (the threat) is smaller than you, don't telegraph your eyes at the object. act like you're complying, pretend you're getting wallet out. and run like fuck…

    b/If you have some training.. reach for your wallet, kick their head into touch,then run like fuck.

    c/Just fuck them up… Taekwondo, is fucking awesome.. why would suggest for an instance that Karate has anything to do with combat.

    d/ Move left/right of the centreline.. extract the object of threat, maintain chokehold until help arrives.

    Or e, just fuck that fucker up. Arrest the object off him, ask him if he has any mental health history, then ask him if he has an RnB Background?.. and if so.. Ask him if it's a day to day struggle learning breaking away from it.

    Don't get me wrong.. The waxing of 50's classics has proven profitable, the net margin is in the labour

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