How to disarm a knife in your back!

How to disarm a knife in your back! How to disarm a knife and to disarm a knife attack, is essential to learn to disable a knife from behind, all so how to disarm a …

35 thoughts on “How to disarm a knife in your back!

  1. Robert Agu says:

    Notably bad move set there.. I've seen this done and instructed to do by multiple other sources too. So clearly this would work against a knife very effectively if done right.
    I wonder though… would this ALSO work against a gun in the same situation. I think it would but can't remember for sure. Since its be same thing just getting out the line of fire an more control of the gun hand is all.

  2. mkkravist11 says:

    For every 100 times this happened for real, I think 99 deaths from the blade.
    I really hope I’m wrong but these videos done by instructors make it look cool and easy enough. Respectfully said.

  3. Kripto Danny says:

    Truth to tell..if someone put a knife on my back?…I'd just roll on the ground..and then face him…
    problem with knife attacks…is that is always ,,live or die,,..a simple stab can kill ..
    I don't care how good you are in punching…whatever martial arts you simple stab in your liver or neck can KILL YOU!…99 percent of knives attacks will either damage or kill you!
    unless if you are expert..
    But is this situation,.,,I;d just roll down on ground,,not trying to grab his knife …and I face his ass straight,,,,,with the knowledge that now is about life or death….
    If you are trained?…should take seconds..but what if you are not?
    a simple stab to the belly can kill you.
    or leg
    Just run away,,,,,or be ready to kill him
    If YOU ARE NOT ready to KILL the person whom tried to kill you?..
    Then run away to your mama screaming..mama……….why..why me?
    Other than that.,…you should run away,since is no defense against a knife unless ,,
    1…are you ready to kill him,as he wants you dead?
    2..are you ready to run away..and run hard?

  4. rrssrr123 says:

    Master Wong great video as all ways.
    Can you do a video on how to defend yourself against 2 people pulling up on a motorbike and the pavillion rider puts a gun to your body to rob you. Thanks

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