How to disarm a knife compilation

I created a knife disarm compilation for reference.If you research youtube and research survivers of knife attacks,and edged weapons you will find two consistant …

20 thoughts on “How to disarm a knife compilation

  1. Mightierthanever says:

    Hello Samir Marc Tellier here. You got my contact info cell 9053170044 home 9056356063 err don't tell Mike Desrocher about OPP incident he wouldn't like it but they got the best of me giving me the thumbs on and showing me cell phones so I showed them something and ya not a minute later surrounded when I wouldn't surrender the Big Bowie. They also had the serrated dagger in the box. The OPP were not happy with me. When I turned my back to get into the back seat one of them pigs drove me in head first handcuffed that cut the flesh. I called the OPP sergeant chick I told her make that the last time your fellas ever do that to me. Next time will be different. I never resisted. I told the sarge broad that the officer who drove me in had a big head and is nothing but a coward and a wimp. If you want to do that to me take the cuffs off and see how you manage pig.

  2. You Mang says:

    Really good stuff. Gonna practice with my kids and wife. I have a question. Could these technique be part of a judo class? I did see some arm/wrist locks and figured this used to be used when samurai were fighting.

  3. Samir Seif says:

    It's as I said many times before and will continue to say to those that say run away,to those that say the word "can't" will surely suffer maiming,tragedy and death if you simply think that running away is the only option.What then when you can't run..Grabbing,trapping,stripping,hitting and fighting back will be the only answer.I advocate that if I were to die in an attack it was from me defending and fighting back,not giving up and allowing myself the hope that I survive the thrust and slash of my attacker.We have 5000 years of documented techniques against the blade.Do your research and you shall see man has fought and been successful in learning unarmed methods against armed.

  4. Huy DO says:

    i don't think  these techniques will work, most of the time the attacker will attack you when you least expect him and he will stab you multiple time with different angles, the techniques only work if you already know what angle is he going to attack you with, he's not that stupid to just tell you what he's going to attack you with

  5. Tla Power says:

    You've got to control your opponent's body thru tactics, leverage and angling. Check out videos of maul565 or Youtube: Kapow meets Maul Monie Silat Master in Melbourne . Very beautiful. Peace.

  6. Samir Seif says:

    Let it not be said that I would battle without a blade if given choice ,steel cuts flesh..period. In the event I have no weapon ,then with all my might I will become the weapon that over comes steel ,by surviving the cut and thrust .

  7. Tla Power says:

    3 things. 1.Really good skill and execution. 2. People watching this from Internet will not be able to replicate the fine points that make Sensei's techniques work without proper instruction 3. Why am is my mind saying, "Get in my belly!" when the powerful red hair guy is training with Sensei? Why?!!

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