How to destroy the punch with your elbow

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28 thoughts on “How to destroy the punch with your elbow

  1. Ahmed Raees says:

    Bullshit, no one is gonna wait for you between punches. Against a bigger ruthless guy just back up keeping his punching reach to your swinging elbow covering more elbow strike area with it while timing his punches, again and again. If you missed all chances to break his hand and your back becomes against the wall, then now it's time for you to be more ruthless than him and enter inside while he's still expecting the distance you taught him with your elbow. Jeez, I respect Wing Chun, as I still believe in slipping in eastern short hands between own western power shots, but this guy is just bullshitting.

  2. Jim NORRIS says:

    thing is once someone punches at you a they hit your elbow full force they want just stand there,they will step back and grab their own hand in pain.the elbow is like you punching the corner of a table full force. you'll break your fingers

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