How to defend yourself without hurting other person too much

How to defend yourself without hurting other person too much Martial Arts Master teaches youHow to defend yourself without hurting other person too much.

32 thoughts on “How to defend yourself without hurting other person too much

  1. Owen Leatham says:

    This video is helpful because in my school there are some retarded kids with no self control and want to fight someone, the only ways I know how to defend against things would end up with me breaking the arm or neck or something brutal so I just can't fight back at all, just take the hit, I mean they suck at fighting anyways so I should be fine, but this video is pretty helpful lol

  2. Rick Schultz says:

    Master Wong, sir… I very much like your style and approach, and you make it entertaining as well. You said to post any question or request here, so… Lets say that you are in a situation where being detained or incarcerated is simply not an option, and are dealing with a law enforcer with a punk attitude who is really just being a bully with a badge and thinks he is all that with his training. Knowing that they are trained to subdue from an offensive approach, would you please share with us how you would use their training to your advantage and turn it back on them, maintaining control so that you are able to resume your business at hand? I know this is not for every situation, but there are bad cops and bad situations where preparation would be justified. Thank you sir

  3. Matt Nobrega says:

    How to defend yourself against an ugly person. If the person is ugly to begin with then you can't mess up their face bc it's already messed up. What ya gonna do, punch them till their pretty? How bout a buff transvestite with mental issues
    That's another one for ya.


    Hello sir
    I want to take revenge with someone but my opponent is very aggressive and his weight is similar to my weight but I afraid to fight how to remove this fear
    Please sir answer my comment

  5. Mr. Bone says:

    Was wondering the best way to defend myself now that I have a broken back??? And best way to train now with a slight disability??? Thank you so very much for all your knowledge and experience sharing!!!

  6. Liberate666A1 says:

    Defending yourself without hurting someone?? I was attacked one time in UK by some racist skinheads. Good thing I had my cane because I knocked 2 of them out with that. The rest of the cowards ran away. Next time they saw me walking home from downtown Bolton. A bunch of them got off a bus after a soccer game or something and saw me walking and looked at my army beret and all of a sudden 50 people walk on other side of the street away from me. One of the guys with the same guys that attacked me before, but this time they knew not to attempt another attack. England is still as racist as it was in the 70’s when my family lived there. In those days my father really kicked the asses of these English idiots then as well. I did not know how deadly my father was until we moved to Canada. One day he came home angry. Next thing you know a cop was knocking on the door and wanted to talk with him. Apparently, what had happened was that my old man had beaten up 4 guys on the street downstairs with his belt!!! Anyway, there was a snooker hall downstairs and he used to go by it everyday and those idiots yoused to call him racist names and all that, so he lost his temper and beat the shit out of them all. Anyway the cops said it was self defence so they let him off!! My dad was an ex ranger so you didn’t want to piss him off, although he was a very loving family man. LOL!

  7. TheVideoGameGod says:

    Master wong can you do a video on how to defend yourself when someone Is going to hit you in the nuts,ill really apperciate it of you do a video on that and not kick I mean like hand

  8. Typ0NegNo says:

    When somebody throws punches at you from 5m distance, like in the demonstration, then you probably cannot hurt them anyway. Also better don't fight retards who have no intention to hurt you anyway.

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