How To Defend Yourself With A Knife – The Basics

Basic self defense with a knife – not knife fighting.

47 thoughts on “How To Defend Yourself With A Knife – The Basics

  1. Bluegrass Survival says:

    Best way to teach someone to fight with a knife doesn't even start WITH the knife itself. First and foremost you wanna teach them anatomy because where you stab or slash them makes all the difference. If you don't know basic anatomy then they will just be slashing or stabbing at whatever you THINK is best. A friend of mine got stabbed Three times in a bar fight once. The first went in the stomach, the other across the arm, but the ONE that got him was in the upper thigh which severed the Famorale Artery. By the time the ambulance got there which took 10 minutes he bled out in the parking lot. Anatomy is key.

    Show them where all the more vulnerable points and arteries are. After they have a strong understanding of that then you can move on to basic things like how to hold a blade in hammer and saber grip, and you're basic attacks. You cannot forget to teach movement though cause if they are fighting someone else with a blade that will save their bacon. Most people will come right at you, so learning how to use that to your advantage is like 50% of the fight, the other half is keeping your emotions in check. It's hard to do anything if you're freaking out which most people would do when there's someone with a knife headed at them.

    From there you just build upon that till they have a strong understanding of not only HOW to stab or slash someone, but where they want to strike for the best and most deadly results. Honestly it's not rocket science. Its like anything else in the fighting arts its practice, repetition, and training mind and movement. Many martial artist use Kata for this. Now i'm not talking about the pre-arranged kata that is like a dance and nothing else, I'm talking about kata in the way boxers shadow box to train their mind for the attack which is partly why they look so fluid and good in the ring. There is nothing pre-arranged in a real fight, its fast, chaotic, and dangerous and your mind must be ready for it.

    And before some keyboard warriors tries to call BS, I have trained in various arts for 13 years and part of that was in Kobujutsu which is a weapon's art. I hope some of the points I have made has helped someone here, and if you're seriously about learning real skills I wish you luck finding a instructor worth their salt cause that's half the battle right there.

  2. DscrappyLoco Golani says:

    Not to diss you, but what are your qualifications? I'm sure you understand that if anyone were to use your advice and your advice , if not sound and or based on experience/training, might get that person killed.Don't get me wrong, I did like your video and you made very valid points.Just want to know if you underwent training at some point in your past.

  3. ynotjf says:

    Move & Cut, small cuts.. good advice. Let them reach toward you and cut whatever is extended, good advice. Weapon is a shield, BS.
    My advice, run if possible. If you have to face off, keep your distance, look for small cut opportunities especially on outstretched arms, then run..

  4. Commenter Five says:

    That opponet is Strong. The fight is going to last 10 seconds. KILL Him. Lunge to his jugular, heart, eyes. Cheat as wickedly as you can. Get that knife into his heart. Or backbone. Instant.

  5. Will Keyes says:

    OMG this guy talks forever before getting to the point. Please get to the point next time. We all know knives are dangerous, we all know there are laws for carrying knives… In any case, thanks for the info.

  6. Aka Toomb says:

    another faker criticizing the pros… tell everyone they don't have to learn real self defense so they can learn it all from your youtube video… that's real smart. this guy is a fake

  7. Greg VandeGuchte says:

    This is all good stuff, compared to HEMA, most of the principles are the same. Gripping should be like a light handshake, gripping too tight makes you stiff and also causes you to loose arm strength. The basics of grip, stance, and body are key as most knife fighting starts to get into the area of wrestling.

  8. Barry Johnson says:

    I pulled a 13 inch blade on a guy who followed me to my car one evening at a gas station. I ignored him and when I got right to my car i pulled it and turned around and walked a few steps to him with it at my side. He held his hands up and started walking backwards. I lifted the knife to face level like a gangster might do with a gun and i walked him back several yards until I turned back around to go to my car. As I was leaving several people were holding him back. I got that tunnel vision and didn't realize a bunch of people had been watching me. He was threatening me because I told him to leave a girl alone he was begging for money and it scared her. Said he was going to fuck me up and all the while he was acting like he was going to pull something trying to bluff me. My wife and 2 small children were in the car. I couldn't let him get to close to the car. The knife was a 13 inch Big Boy Stiletto who faux pearl handle and it was spear style blade. The knife is probably not terribly reliable but ill be damned if it doesn't immediately intimidate someone.

  9. Barry Johnson says:

    Why is everyone talking about his fingers? He also is missing a hand. Why wouldn't you want to learn from a guy like this? He has probably had to learn a lot to be able to defend himself. Seems like an ideal teacher to me. People don't think right.

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