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21 thoughts on “How to defend yourself with a knife | Self Defense Training Technique | Tactical Rifleman


    Technique IS the most important thing.. Practice practice practice devolops great technique.. Great instruction with practice develops Great technique.. You are a great.. few words.. no wasted movements Teacher/Instructor perhaps Sensei.. Thank you for the lessons.

  2. GreenBeret42097 says:

    the best folding fighting knives are CRKT's M16 and M21 special forces series, I have them both and love them both but if I was to choose one I'd go with the M16 (Im talking about the aluminum versions not those fucking veff serretion and g10 ones they're just unappealing in my opinion)

  3. Scooter 101 says:

    When you draw tip down you shuffled the knife in your hand, which is when you will loose it in a scuffle? Watch your vid it looked out there in space for a second ! when you changed your grip !

  4. cgard423 says:

    is there a particular reason to carry tip down? I used to carry tip down, but quickly realized that if it was tip up, I could simply put my thumb in my pocket, run it back until it hit the knife, pinch and draw and viola my knife was oriented with my thumb near the opening stud, facing the correct direction.

  5. roy jennison says:

    well theres 6 mins 42 seconds completly wasted . i thought it was about what the title said , not how to take it out of your pocket., knife fighting is a last resort . if can get out of it do so , be keep in mind you are going to get cut your self , and try not to panic .my self , if i had to fight with a knife . i would be holding it in my fist pointing to the ground with the sharp edge pointing the same way as i would punch , then i can punch and use elbows as well , the more attacking options the better .

  6. mredstriumph says:

    My opinion a knife is to be carried support side. you carry a knife and try to use it with your strong side, you square right up to the guy and give him your whole body. No way says I. Stay small and keep him at the longest arm's length so he has to fight through 2-3' of sharp steel to begin to even reach anything good.

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