How to defend yourself with a knife – Dr.Andre Glenn- Knife 101

REAL Combat- Special Forces/ Bodyguard Training- knife fighting 101 tips This video is a brief look into the system of 360 kombat ju …

37 thoughts on “How to defend yourself with a knife – Dr.Andre Glenn- Knife 101

  1. kurt hulse says:

    Thank you for the intel. I'm a skinny white guy. And I was always told to use my hips and my arms and legs are sticks But I'm also using a karombit or a sog seal pup And my father always told me you should have control of that knife. No matter what. If you can't control it. It's either too big or small. Aka handle or blade. I agree with you. Fully on the info. But also I see a lot of ppl stabbing or cutting. And their blades get stuck in the body. I learned to make smaller. Cute so I look for the. Important nerves like the ones locked in you arms where your elbows located

  2. Phil Hand says:

    Good video but you should've edited out your camera man ripping a fart lol!
    My favorite fighting knife is the Kukri. I own the EGKH AEOF Khukuri from Ex Gurkha Kukri house in Nepal and it's amazing! It's the same Khukuri used by Gurkha soldiers fighting in Afghanistan so if they trust their lives to it then I do to. It's almost 2 pounds of hand forged 5160 high carbon leaf spring steel with rosewood handles and almost an inch thick on the spine. I've been wanting to take some lessons in Khukuri fighting techniques because in my opinion they are on of the best fighting knives made. Perfect for chopping and slicing. Maybe you can do a video if you know anything about Khukuri fighting.

  3. nameless268 says:

    Juts a lol lesson there I thinks you should do a video on as well some people think theu can stab and run but what if they got a gun and they pull it out and shoot you befor they bleed out it could happen

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