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22 thoughts on “How To DEFEND Yourself in a ROAD RAGE ATTACK

  1. Barry Weaver says:

    Reading the comments, looks like most everybody's plan "A" is their plan for everything else. "Their gun".
    I say your mind is the best weapon. No body has any empty handed skills or wants to go there. Just shoot 'em.
    Years ago, we all just fought it out and everybody lived another day. Not these days. Now with that said, knives are scary I won't pretend, but what are you going to do when your gun isn't an option?

  2. Ray Davis says:

    if someone comes at me with a bat they've just brought a bat to a gunfight….. and they wont be happy. folks in this day and age you need a firearm. not some self defense instructor who wont be there to fight your battles for you.

  3. jimmy maher says:

    Option A …bend over and take it up the arse.
    Or Option B …Rip his head off and shit down his neck….
    Whatever you do do not open up any dialogue as this is regarded bad etiquette in the world of road rage.
    Thanks any questions.

  4. Antonio Right says:

    One time I had a road rage incident with this asshole where the guy got off his truck, and surprised me with a sucker punch to the head. So my survival instict told me to just take off. My head is really hard, so I din't feel much pain.

  5. Jeep Dave says:

    Wut about using the car door as a weapon? Crack the door and when attacker approaches, kick the door open into his legs. Don’t have a heater like the rest of these cowboys 🙂

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