How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker Carrying a Knife: Tim Larkin on Target Focus Training

In this self-defense video, Tim Larkin delves into how to defend yourself against an attacker wielding a knife using …

20 thoughts on “How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker Carrying a Knife: Tim Larkin on Target Focus Training

  1. Vince V says:

    I look at a lot of the comments on this thread, and I see a lot of people with the DEFENSIVE mindset, which they – of course – view as "expertise". It is – in fact – a LOSING mindset. They completely do not understand what this man is teaching.

  2. Victor Gaspar says:

    Find a style such as Isshinryu Karate which is designed for small people. It is a proven and effective system. All low kicks, snap punches and awareness of your surroundings. Sensei 10th Degree Don Nagle used it regularly on the streets of Jersey City as an undercover narcotics officer. He was only 140lbs and kicked major ass. Don't believe me? Look it up. And you don't have to be a Black Belt to use it.

  3. alp par says:

    It is a big unfortunate for guys buying / or going to seminar for 2 little days and hoping they can defend themselves. It will take a million repetition for actually learn a technique i mean muscle memory how in the earth could you learn self defense so speaking "in a couple of hours" ? You must be kidding. Nonetheless i congratulate this guy "Tim" as a Marketing Ph.D. Holder for his genius idea for making money. But also i need to give a little advice to people who are thinking to pay money to that seminars or webinars or etc. DON'T ****IN WASTE YOUR MONEY. Go to a local gym and learn how to actually defense yourself with a decent known martial art system, i recommend wing tsun for street fight -choose a school teacher who actually teaches how to implement moves to street fight with lots of sparing after learning those technics.

  4. RisenPhoenix says:

    I have looked at a few videos expecting to see complete hype and bullshit, simply because cry-baby Glenn Beck has endorsed this guy on social media. So I had very low expectations when it came to the instruction and practicality. I've been doing martial arts all my life (20+ years now) and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This seems to be decent, however it emphasizes body weight, which is good, but not always necessary. I think the main problem is that too many people want "the silver bullet" solution. The problem with practical (tactical) training is that most of the time it excludes any form of sparing. It also limits any proper form usage, which I can understand so long as you encourage proper angles and footwork. The techniques are sound, but what happens when the average Joe get's punched first? Does that person have the ability to take that punch? Or much less deliver it? That's one thing I'll say for the sport fighting aspects of Martial Arts, they provide that, but then again they leave out the practical. Have these students put on some gloves and experience getting hit and how it feels to actually hit someone. Because there is a difference in knowing the technique and being willing, not just able, but willing to apply them. Overall good stuff, I just wish it wasn't hyped by Glenn Beck 🙁 Ugh,

  5. Seattle Flyboard says:

    One could just as easily title this how to get yourself stabbed. Defending against someone skilled with a knife is damn near impossible. At least if you have some distance, you can see the knife coming. Up close, one slip up and you've been shanked. The only method I'd want to risk my ribcage on, is the have something you can use as a temporary sheild….ideally a jacket. Otherwise, You are generally forced to commit both of your hands to controlling that knife, which is going to give your opponent a free shot at your face with his free hand. Your other best chance only works if you have serious knockout power combined with explosive closing technique. Most disarm techniques are going to get you stabbed, regardless of what your instructor tells you. Now if you are a Fillipino expert with years of working with real blades and have things honed to absolute muscle memory, then you can risk it. If training against edged weapons is something you do as a small part of your training, it isn't going to end well for you. Taking a gun away from a guy is a million times easier.

  6. Coach Hayes says:

    Everyone seems to have lost perspective here. No one who has really been in a fight expects to get out of if unscathed. If you think any system is going to do that for you then just send me your money. All systems of self defense have one thing in common, its better than nothing and usually attackers will run away to find an easier target if you fight back. After that everyone thinks "their" technique is the best. Well I have news for you, they all are the same with minor variations. I have seen the same moves taught in wrestling, aikido, jui jitsu, chinese fast fighting, judo, Krav Maga, etc. The human body has a limited number of target points and a limited ways to attack them so there is a ton of overlap. The key is to focus on a maximum of 3 techniques (a swing defense, a takedown defense, and a kick defense) that are simple and effective and practice them frequently. Then you are as prepared as you can be. If you physically can not perform them then get a gun.

  7. kde439 says:

    a throat shot when you dont even know if he has a knife yet?? how is that a good use of force? honestly its just seems like it would be an L.E.O. out right attacking someone.

  8. CloudsBeyond says:

    You CANNOT just strike a guy with a knife & expect to finish him or knock him back! As you raise your arm to try hit him in the throat in above video – many knife attackers will have stabbed you or started slashing wildly even if you are fast. Tim Larkin is charging serious money just for a weekend seminar (couple of thousand) & getting it, good for him. He is a big strong guy , I'm sure he can handle himself but the average person trying this stuff is going to be in for a very rude awakening on the streets!

  9. flatboat70452 says:

    Wow. Great perspective and this makes the training look worthwhile. I'm not stupid and will not let it escalate if given a chance, my wallet is not worth the bet on the knife, but there is also crazy out there, and i dont run away very quickly. Even if you bring a gun to a knife fight, you have to make a chance to use it.

  10. Raza Khan says:

    Seriously, when you attack someone, they don't stop attacking and just hold onto the area you hurt. Even if you get their eyes, they'll close their eyes in pain, and swing wildly, hoping to get you to back away. IF they've got a knife, that means you could be stabbed pretty deeply.  And, staying in really close to a dude with a knife just means he'll stab you in the kidney rather than in the liver.

  11. David Litts says:

    I agree with what Tim Larkin teaches, and I also agree with other systems, it is up to the practitioner, but one thing that is true, if you get the first injury, take the eye, take the throat, you will open up other targets and you will have the aggressor only thinking about the injury.  Look all the blocking and other shit does not work well on the street or the battlefield, and if you get lucky you will perry control the knife, gun or whatever, and hopefully you will ge the chance to create the greatest injury.  It is also a mindset because we have to go into this where our attacker is bigger, faster, armed and has friends and we will get hurt, but getting the first serious injury is that we have to do to open them up for additional targets which will take them down, make them non functioning or kill them, and that is our goal during any asocial attack or incident.

    Before anyone complains and says I have no idea of what I am talking about.  I have studied and taught martial arts for over 30 years, and have worked with training troops for deployment and have worked as a paramedic in the worst area of the city I grew up in, so I understand the anatomy, understand what violence is, and understand how to use it as a tool because I am well aware of the aftermath of it, and if you do not get the first injury, and do it to him, her or them, well they will do it to you.  Simple.

  12. Jonathon Myska says:

    I like tim larkins approach and a lot of what he says is true but I have trolled the internet for criminal violence and none of them seem to be doing tft why I don't know but I am skeptical that criminals actually do what tim larkin is teaching

  13. Eddy vinny says:

    The stabber has one movement stab, stab, stab so how many movements to evade the shank, side step, position yourself and grab the wrist and ( put it in your pocket as they say) you will be stabbed numerous times -probably! With this system which has proven itself in combat by navy seals and other special ops there is a 50% chance of being stabbed one time vs 20% chance of grabbing the wrist without being stabbed numerous times. Forensics, science , and statistics ,thats why this works.

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