How to Defend Yourself against a Much Taller Attacker

In this video Nick Drossos is teaching how to deal with a much larger attacker. “How to defend myself against a much taller attacker?” This is a common question …

28 thoughts on “How to Defend Yourself against a Much Taller Attacker

  1. JG Jewellers says:

    If you are small and don't know how to fight or don't want to fight get a weapon. One day knife or firearms training and you will be able to defend yourself and your family better than you could with months of empty hand training. Just remember it has to be justified or you will get in big trouble! Only fight when you have no other options.

  2. Mike D says:

    I always run cause I'm scared what I would do to the attacker!! What I mean is I know that I am very head strong and if you try hurt me I may bury you. Not worth my freedom!! I'm just scared for that one guy who just won't take no for an answer.

  3. PunHub says:

    I don't get why everything I search is "beat someone taller than you". Profiling much. Big people don't always start fights you know. I'm 6'4 and can't fight for shit. How am I supposed to defend myself against little people

  4. Martin Feroli says:

    Consistently, Very Practical advice. I was trained to box at a prominent gym where I got the same training fighting taller fighters. Jam them, Get close, where your punches are more effective and theirs are "Less" effective. Even now when I throw punches up high at my heavy bag I almost leap into the punch, lol, I'm 5 foot 6. I would have a hard time punching that guy in the knee.

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