How to Defend with a Blunt or Bladed Weapon | Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman



When utilizing a blunt &/or bladed weapon in a combat situation, a big deal is the understanding on how & when to employ them. But you must understand that …

40 thoughts on “How to Defend with a Blunt or Bladed Weapon | Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Texas GUNMAN says:

    I started carrying knives and blunt objects for defense from about 12. I became very fond of knuck based impact weapons and small fixed blades due to boxing experience I had from being in the sport. Firearms are fantastic equalizers but in a car, elevator, even a bathroom stall sometimes a melee weapon has the advantage. Most people don't carry with a round in the chamber or practice drawing and aiming under stress. Much faster to pull a knife a start slashing. These days I carry two pistols and two knives.

  2. DragoChronicSmoker42 says:

    oh cool lol i have been subscribed to this channel for a couple months and just now found these 2 videos on CQC. i like the fact he is showing striking and standing moves and not showing a bunch of BJJ and ground work(no offense to those styles i have trained in them my self they are the great)i mean if your in a hostile environment with bullets flying every where and guys shooting at you and you do end up getting into a hand to hand fight you do not want it to be taken to the ground and turn into a wrestling match, get back on your feet and use your strikes and your knife.

  3. Barry Smith says:

    know your opponent, know yourself , and train train train . doing MA over 40 years , it's knowing
    where to strike . just below the bicep towards the shoulder , deadly if done correctly.

  4. David Newman says:

    Good information. Probably should preface this with some context. All of the knife techniques and most of the stick techniques (jab, temple strike, neck strike) would probably be considered an equivalent use of force to using a firearm in any jurisdiction in the US. This doesn't mean that they're not appropriate when your life is threatened and you're legally defending yourself with what you have available or what you can get into your hand at the moment. Every situation doesn't allow for a gun draw or implementation. I personally would not want to explain why I did a C cut in a personal defense situation. Some of this material is targeted for a very specific audience even as it's presented pretty generically. Love the channel! Keep producing great content.

  5. Jonathan Anatrella says:

    You know what edged weapon I really like? The tomahawk. A lot of people instantly dismiss one as "fauxperator bullshit" and I honestly can't blame them considering how many tactical wannabes use them. But as with many things, with proper training it's an effective weapon. It's very intuitive and the power surprises people, also the geometry of it is great for trapping weapons.

  6. Brenda Proffitt says:

    Totally incredible and the way you explained different types of thing's that you show knife the pattan hand movement body parts shoulder neck Jab wrist and you done excellent job and this video and I do greatly appreciate it a lot I also enjoy watching your videos thank you

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