How to Defend Someone Pushing You Part 1

How to Defend Someone Pushing You Part 1 Wing Chun martial arts master teaches How to defend someone pushing you. Real Martial Arts Master teaches …

45 thoughts on “How to Defend Someone Pushing You Part 1

  1. Lake Cooper says:

    Wong, you are NO MASTER.  I am tired of your fake videos and seminars scamming people, stealing their money, and selling BS techniques that don't work, and will get them HURT.
    I am formally challenging you for everybody to see…
    I am 45 years old, a middle aged man, no professional fights, no amateur fights.  I am merely a casual martial artist.  I challenge you and your alleged techniques.
    THE RULES:  You can do ANYthing you want, even lethal moves.  I will limit myself to only moves used in the sport of MMA (UFC rules).  That gives you a strong advantage.  You can bite, eye gouge, scratch, groin strike, etc… ANYTHING you want.
    If your system is legit, as you claim, this is your chance to prove it….unless it's all a fraud.  Is it?  YES, IT IS.  What do you say to that accusation?
    I predict, you will ignore me, so I will keep posting this until you reply.  If you fail to repy, I will begin my own channel of videos exposing you.
    My motivation is not personal gain.  I am merely concerned for the many, many people who buy into your fake moves.  You will get people hurt or killed with your fraud…your scam.  You can keep ignoring me and deleting my comments, but I will just make my own channel exposing you.  There is no way to deny the truth any longer, so face it.
    There are far better fighters than me, but since they aren't exposing you, I will do it.
    Your money scam needs to end.  You are not a "Master".  You have demonstrated that you don't even understand basic 101 concepts of fighting, particularly grappling, which is where most fights end.

  2. power lifting freak says:

    I would pay good money to see master wong fight someone who knows how to fight in a real fight and whoever wins would get 10 bucks sorry that's all i spent the money on the fight just joking please don't do this unless it came down to this

  3. Allan says:

    He means counteract against the 1st attempt of his push before the aggressor even gets his hand on your chest. So as he puts his arms and hands up towards your chest. Quickly counter it before those hands of his land on your chest. Be one-step or even three-step ahead of his move. Also you have to know what you want to counter with and what you want to do to him. Use his aggression as motivation and/or fuel you to kick his ass.

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