How to Defend Someone Pushing you – Ep 3

How to Defend Someone Pushing you – Ep 3 Click this 82% off discount link for my full online course ▻ Wing Chun martial arts master …

47 thoughts on “How to Defend Someone Pushing you – Ep 3

  1. Stevie Peralta says:

    Please each me to fight to people alone because my friend in going north I need you to teach me how to fight four people alone
    I heard four people talking about fighting me please help

  2. Lord Scribe says:

    Its all demos man. Get in a real fight master wong. This is the problem. WE NEVER SAW YOU FIGHT WITH REAL PRESSURE. As bass rutten said, if you dont have a real fight theres no way to tell what you are teaching works. Thats it. I dont want to disrespect you mr wong, but you atleast owe it to your fans to show that you can effectively fight.

  3. Lox Fish says:

    you r a real master but you gat to chill down… but i wanna know what to do when someone pushing you with his body not with his hands like if hi is bigger then you

  4. Turreyz says:

    Alot of people get out of breath with like 2 punches but master wong can train and talk at the same time without getting out of breath teach me senpai!!!

  5. Careem Johnson says:

    Hello do you think its wise to earn a Black Belt online or go to a Traditional School ? I want my answer from you sir, but if anyone wants to add they can I guess. I really though want my answer from you ?

  6. Lord Scribe says:

    To the bald wing chun master, its hard to bullshit people nowadays as there is already mma. We see people fight for REAL now. I would admire you if you actually competed in mma and LOST because you can't use wing chun. Atleast we will know if you have actual physical skills to back up your talk.

    But hey, atleast one things for sure: i know you need your youtube money.

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