How to Defend Punches Effectively

How to Defend Punches Effectively Martial Arts Master teaches How to Defend Punches Effectively | Street Fight , Muay Thai fighter and Wing Chun fighter using …

30 thoughts on “How to Defend Punches Effectively

  1. Bilal khan says:

    Ne haw master wong your videos good for defending the self body but this is pakistan when i fight the other boy so he fight like crazy atack my neck and face ao what can i do

  2. Allan says:

    Most attackers throw quick jabs and straights then quickly draw back. You'd most likely will not be able to do those chopping style blocking. Only if they throw and follow through with the punch. I am aware those defensive techniques are effective, you are demonstrating when blocking, given the punches thrown are similar in style as the guy you're demonstrating with throws them, in a real fight.

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