How To Defend Being Attacked In Bed | Core JKD Break-in Defense Techniques



Ming shows how to defend yourself when someone breaks in and attacks you while you are sleeping. Core JKD self defense vs rape attempt, choking, striking …

5 thoughts on “How To Defend Being Attacked In Bed | Core JKD Break-in Defense Techniques

  1. ths tai says:

    Much to learn regardless of the situation or need whether you are a gal or guy, but pity your poor lady “victim” having to be sat on while you delivered your lengthy, but good intentioned explanations! For those with no training, should eye gouging, biting and loud screaming be added to head butting?

  2. 4121Z0N4 says:

    The 10-for $10.00 magnetic window and door alarms are tremendous surprise opportunities. They are basically just a battery sitting there with a loud, LOUD beeper and the magnet on the other side, forces the switch to sit there open. When the window's opened the screaming beep goes off like all hell – when you're a single girl, put TWO of them on each window: one at the top, one near the bottom so they both go off together at about the identical time, but the noise is stunning even though glass that way.

    These things bought in bulk used to be able to be bought for $1.00 apiece – 25 of them for $25.00 or whatever – but they are fantastic early warning devices. You really have to hear one of those loud sons of b***es to understand it – much less, two.

    You can also put these on doors. You'll forget occasionally and pull the door open but generally what you do, is if the door alarm is on, you latch the chain on the door to remind you.

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