How to defend against knife attacks… or not. (Which knife defense techniques actually work?)



Free course: The vast majority of knife defense techniques are bizarrely ridiculous, and will usually …

46 thoughts on “How to defend against knife attacks… or not. (Which knife defense techniques actually work?)

  1. Neil Delos Santos says:

    So I imagine it's tested in multiple angles, with various speeds, different types of knives (karambit, etc.) calculating trajectory, point of impact, damage, and then fully tested? (also reaction time testing). things like reactionary movement (if it doesn't work, plan B), and you say that they were tested hundreds of times, were they under the same conditions, different conditions, situational, closed and open spaces, and sometimes you have to defend AFTER the first strike, whether that's from the sides, your back, or your front. How much distance/time do you need in most cases?

    I mean like, for example, a crowd of people walking around, surprise attack from a random individual, very fast, low-ready forward grip straight towards your gut?

    Especially during a struggle, they'll be using their other hand to hold onto you or to strike you, or have brought you to the ground, stuff that you wouldn't really plan for. But then again, I suppose that's what the initial defensive part is for, to completely disable/disarm an attacker.

    I imagine you'd get that research done from having trained in them extensively, and taking said seminars, while also asking questions from so-called 'experts' in those areas. There's gotta be knife survivors out there that can be interviewed.

    Also, would someone's physical attributes (like size) play a part?

    Good on you for trying out all the techniques and reviewing real knife attacks. There's a lot to learn from that. I was actually looking into the most effective systems I could get into for using knives, and defending against them, and I came across your video by chance.

  2. Darkshadow says:

    Why the FUCK do YouTubers demonstrating self-defense videos never stfu and actually get to the point? Rambling is just as bad as the grabage shown in traditional martial arts.

  3. Sam 000 says:

    We THANK YOU for this video I have been looking everywhere for a legit video and I know your the real deal authentic man. Serious thank you for your content it saves lives please continue!

  4. Paul Singer says:

    Wow ; kali, Silat , krav maga, systema, are all bullshit ,, amazing that billions spent by the Filipino , Indonesian , Israeli and Russian militaries ,, not to mention hundreds of law enforcements across the world don’t know shit ,, thank God fight smart trav is here to show us his vast first hand knife experiences ..,

  5. Wolfman Carl says:

    I do like your videos. You most definitely bring up great points.To answer your question why are they lying…the reason is they’re not entirely lying… in every tactic that is taught on you tube seminars and even class time. One your learning how body mechanics work in a controlled environment. There is usually one small part of the tactic that will work when executed with the right time Also there is the element of surprise where in your videos y’all no what’s coming. As far as you tube and seminars go they’re designed to help martial art schools gain members and show off a little and have fun. As far as researching and testing. Great advice how ever you should always question the individuals that teach those tactics and that are versed in that system as well. Especially if your not versed or share that particular skill. Especially when the moves and timing are incorrectly done. Also the fma gentleman in your videos don’t use or put down other martial arts people in there videos they put down a tactic not by name. You also forgot to mention FMA people tend to carry bladed tools on them since it’s a primarily a bladed art. They also learn to use other objects in they’re surrounding in the event of being attacked. Thanks for reading

  6. The Depraved Epoch says:

    Subpar marketing. You’re no different than the individuals you’re criticizing within this ad. While some of the systems you used as examples are questionable, there has been a lot of information taken out of context regarding Pekiti Tirsia & Kali Center. You should also learn how to pronounce the word Tirsia prior to criticizing the system which is another example showing the amount of research conducted on your behalf.

    You randomly chose videos on YouTube without realizing they are only showing a small portion of what they teach at a class or seminar. The Kali Center guys make a lot of the knife videos for drill related purposes and you just decided to pick a bunch of videos to support your bias/agenda without purchasing any of their products.

    Did you even bother to reach out to the people you are criticizing for more context or to perhaps train with them in person? You’re just another opportunist selling an online course on knife defense which makes you no different.

  7. Royston E. Smythe says:

    Number one….wear body armour.

    No really. Don't leave home without something under your shirt. It helps if you leave the shorts, T-shirts and Flip Flops for the beach.

    Chain mail, modern versions of gambeson, and other modern armours go under most modern clothing.

    Do you think medieval people wore armour to show off? Despite some classes of people literally training to fight since their childhood they still put on armour. I wonder why…

  8. Mileonaire says:

    At the same time, when you tested it, the attacker knew about it so obviously was prepared for it, whereas on the street they wouldn't be as tensed. But a lot of them are ridiculous

  9. Greg Walker says:

    search Don Pentacost's "put em down take em out" learn straight from a guy who survived the CDCR ( the most violent knife environments in the world) you'll be shocked how much BS is out there… and you aint going to take a knife away from a guy who knows how to use it… and if you do, your dead from your wounds anyway…

  10. Scott Davidson says:

    There isn't any fully effective way to defend against an oncoming knife attack. One would only have to make one mistake despite what kind of training a person had. The best defense is to back off and live to fight another day.

  11. Cemetery Wind says:

    You're not doing it right. For you to get a knife out of someone's ya have to break the thumb or pull it back to its pad. You will get cut trying to catch the hand like they show you. What they don't tell you is you will get cut trying to do the flashy Hollywood shit. But you smashing the dudes hand is so wrong I thought you were playing. 2 hands on one despite getting cut is how you take a knife away and you still have to keep your body either smashing into theirs to stop them from reaching or keep a position that prevents it. I carry 3 so you're shit out of luck even with my advice. But I so your stuff a it was almost as ridiculous as the other shit. Knife work only. Your others videos I've bought and they were phenomenal. Don't practice YouTube Kali Silat videos for 3 years. Take Kali or Silat for 3 before trying to sell this.

  12. Aiphiae says:

    I took Krav Maga for about a year. I thought it was pretty cool. The best thing they taught me at my gym was the "Nike Defense." If someone has a knife, run. I was never 100% sold on all the other Krav Maga stuff, I'm no expert in martial arts, but when they added BJJ at our club I knew I was done with Krav.

  13. Simon Kim says:

    Those knife defense demonstrations are a scummy scam, just look at the way they always get attacked in the slowest telegraphed way possible. Honestly it's more like choreography than anything else, and the "attacker" should also feel like a complete dunce for going along with it.

  14. Y-No Richie T.V. says:

    Yeesssssssssss! Trav is back! I wondered what happened to you bro. You always had great videos, especially when you were ducking and dodging random ppl from the streets trying to hit you. Your head movement is phenomenal! So glad your back making videos, you still look the same!

  15. ehrichweiss says:

    I love this, Trav. I shared it with all my friends in hopes they'll listen. I didn't see the attack I was taught in your parries video but I'm assuming that means that few people ever use it. Maybe I'll send you a video of me using it and you can analyze the best way to defend against it.

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