24 thoughts on “How to Defend against Kicks

  1. Kb Calib says:

    This video is just OK. It's lacking. What about side kicks? Spin hook kicks? Hammer kicks? Double kicks? Granted. You can move in on a lousy kicker, whose kicks can't even hurt a fly, and knock him off balance but facing someone who's been practicing kicks for years, that's another story.

  2. ToniFicat says:

    So what if you are a chubby guy , he does kickboxing for a couple of years , he wants to beat you , he comes to do it , you try do defend , grab the leg , counter and after that let's say you go away , but he has bigger guys to back him up , and after you DEFEND against him wanting to kick your ass , his friends want to beat you too ?

  3. Steven says:

    Hey man! I just want to ask if how can i fight vs many guys like 1 vs 3 or something . You know in our days nobody fight alone they have no respect for opponents , what you recomand on a street fight or maybe on a street attack ?

  4. cafehumanhours says:

    Once again, like I wrote in "Bob" video, I love this channel, especially knife-defence videos, but this stuff is absolutely useless without practicing. There are lots of details which come into memory only after 1000+ repeats (like defending your head while grabbing someonce leg). All 3 techniques are really difficult to perform.

  5. Alejandro Romero Osnaya says:

    Not liking these vids. The content seems too 1-2-3…a-b-c… Stuff.
    I know you're exploring into other techniques and styles. That's great.
    Still, i prefer the practical realistic stuff better.
    Btw, the code red defense video set is gold.

  6. darealness514 says:

    I saw a couple of this guys' videos and I really can't help but feel his movement and technique are somewhat amateur. No disrespect, but dishonest monetization of martial arts is rampant, irresponsible, and dangerous. Does Nick have high level competitive experience or even high ranking in any functional full contact martial art ??

  7. surviving susan says:

    I once broke my arm blocking a kick,so it is good to know that to deflect or stop the kick before it's in full swing and closer to the knee is better. Never try to stop a kick head on with the force of your arm,legs are much stronger. Thanks good video.

  8. KrozbyKush420 says:

    didnt mention about how if your getting kicked in the side of the leg, you should push your leg into the kick, instead of letting your leg cave in. shouldnt be showing moves that require precise shit, some one will try that shit when they have no idea what there doing and get themselvs fucked up.

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