[PART 2] HELEN ATTACKS ME: In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl answer a very common question, how to defend …

46 thoughts on “How To Defend AGAINST A WOMAN – SELF DEFENSE FOR MEN [PART 1]

  1. Joe Lewus says:

    The best defense video would be how defend a woman when she attacks your wallet. They are very clever and will do a full assault towards it using their full power of the upside down triangle on it and if you aren't careful they will clear it out of all the value it can give them.

  2. Caroline Adams says:

    I am a woman. I am 35. I grew up that no matter what boys or men don't hit women. Even if they hit you first. I never hit a man but I do remember it being a complete shock when my father-in-law said "if a woman doubles up her fist, a man has every right to hit her back." I had never heard that. I asked my husband what he though. He said "if a woman wants to act like a man and hits me, then I'm gonna hit her back. Maybe not as hard as I can but I'm not going to stand there and take it." I was so shocked! I thought it was so wrong. But looking back over my life I remember seeing my sister try to go up against guys when she was mad. Really try to get them to start a fight. She really thought she was strong enough to go toe to toe. Thankfully now one took her up on that offer. I do not think it is ok to hit anyone. I do believe you have the right to defend yourself male or female. If a woman is attacking a man she better be ready for him to defend himself. Unfortunately in a situation where you do have to defend yourself the line between just enough and excessive force is very hard to see.

  3. sasuke uchiha says:

    bitch aint got time to be blocking and shit. you hit me i hit you. and thats it. cause women like attacking men for no reason and the guy is obviously bigger and you dont expect him to hit you back. why dont women go attack a lion and expect the lion to not bight you back

  4. Riki R says:

    I am a woman and I say knock the bitch out. You don't need self defense for men against women because women are weak. You need self defense for men against bigger stronger men.

  5. Beast Man says:

    No one hits anyone and anyone can hit any one no one has more of a right to hit someone regardless of gender or skin colour or sexual orientation whatever just don't do it and always defend yourself

  6. Bobby Blackbeard says:

    The answer to the "fine line" is enough force to end the threat and nothing more. Nobody has the right to hit anyone, and no one has to "take" the hit(s). Just like that vid of the bus driver getting wailed on, he used enough force to end it and while people were a gasped because he hit a woman (self-defense) he said "If she wants to act like a man, I'll treat her like a man.".

    Society as a whole is messed up, but this whole female on male violence is a-okay has to end. There's a difference between ending a threat of bodily harm and just continuing to beat on them. It twists my insides seeing these street fight vids where one is KO'd and they just keep nailing him. Saw one the other day 2 vs. 1, the loner got KO'd by these 2 and they punt kicked him in the head 7 or 8 times if not more before jumping in their car.

  7. Gee Tee says:

    I'm a woman and I believe people should keep their hands off other people.

    I have only ever hit a man once in my life. We were in a relationship and I slapped him during an argument. I am embarrassed to admit it. I didn't do it because I felt like I was in danger. I did because I felt like I could. I realized it right at the moment I did it. I'm thankful that his reaction was to freeze and ask me why I had just done that. I was immediately ashamed that I did it. I did it because I was conditioned to think it wasn't the same as if he had done it to me. In the media and in our personal lives a woman hitting a man is seen as justified if his words are bothersome or if we are being funny. No, it's not the media's fault but it is a widespread influencer of behavior.

    Don't hit a man and you significantly reduce your chances of being hit by a man.

  8. HScarlet says:

    It isn't an easy question for a guy. We're taught not to hit women. Even in extreme circumstances, where on the body and how is it okay to hit a women in self defence.

  9. Fatboy Fat says:

    i never got the whole "women are weaker" argument, im 200lbs, if some 130lb scrawny guy attacks me and i knock him out, nobody will say "oh he is weaker than you that was not right"

  10. Renee H says:

    I'm a woman and agree with Helen. I don't believe anyone, man or woman, has the right to hit others, but do agree in defending yourself against ANY attacker. I've seen women go psycho on their boyfriends out of jealousy or cheating. The majority of men in those situations didn't hit back, but restrained her or tried getting away from her. I've also see women attack complete strangers in public places- usually at bar or concert. Most men reacted the same by restraining her or blocking her punches, or got cops or bouncers involved; but I have seen some men push the attacking woman to the ground. The women are usually shocked when a man reacts to her this way and will say a man never should hit a woman.

    I do believe men have the right to defend themselves against a woman, but proportionate to her strength. Most men are much stronger than women, so I feel they should practice some restraint and not "pummel" her. I've seen too many videos recently of feminists and women Antifa protestors here in the USA, thinking it's ok to shove, punch, kick and spit on innocent men passing by, and have seen men start defending themselves against this, shoving the woman back or macing them. I actually applaud those men for defending themselves against these attacks. Many women think being a woman gives them a free pass to hit men with no retaliation. I disagree 100%. If I decided to punch some random guy, I'd fully expect him to possibly hit back. Now I don't think a guy should feel that he can turn around and knock a woman out cold who punches or shoves him. My advice to the men is use your best judgement! If you're a strong guy 6"1' and a small guy half your size throws a punch at you that feels like a bee sting, would you beat him senseless? Probably not, as you'd look like an asshole for seriously hurting someone who can't possibly win. So I'd say do the same when it comes to a woman, if ever faced with that situation. Also if you're in a crowd and feel something like this may happen, try and have your cellphone recording if possible. I have to laugh when I've seen some protesting women hit a guy, unaware it's being recorded, and when the guy shoves her back, she's screaming at cops to arrest him for hitting her, acting all innocent lol. In those situations, the camera has saved the guy.

  11. Jamessr23 says:

    I dont see the difference between a 200 pound man getting attacked by a 150 pound man, and the 200 pd man ends the fight, vs a 160 pound women throwing a punch at a 145 pound man, and the 145 pound man ending the fight…Should be the same, sex according to society doesn't matter anymore

  12. utapau235 says:

    Oddly enough I was attacked by two women, just a few days ago. In my country both genders are street robbers, there is a lot of poverty. (Argentina) I knew how to defend partly thanks to Nick's teachings, listen to these guys. They know their shit. I dind't get robbed, or harmed

  13. adam o'neill says:

    I used to be in the mind set & attitude of not hitting women no matter what,
    Until I got sucker kicked in the balls in an argument by one
    Since then, male or female, you lay a hand (or foot lol) on me or present a threat to me possibly getting injured or hurt in ANY way!your getting treated the same. De-escalate if possible, if not I'll strike first

  14. 1acroyear1 says:

    Actually I think I'd be interested in hearing Helen tell stories of the tricks women use to get others to beat guys asses and how to get out of those situations. That's the most valuable information she can give a guy with regard to men defending themselves against women. And I KNOW she's seen some shit.
    I mean, seriously, if a woman is attacking me and can physically hold her own against me I'm gonna swing without prejudice.
    This specific subject matter is going somewhere that you didn't think about before, Nick. I promise. But that's a good thing.

  15. Vincent de Guard says:

    Perhaps…if we treat the threat the same (regardless of gender) that be a better starting point. If one can move/run away good, if one can defuse the situation verbally great, if one can restrain the attacker that is fine. When and how one defends oneself must be based on the type of attack and the (potential) threat. A person trying to jab you with a knife for example can be lethal…the gender makes little to no difference. Likewise someone spitting at you. Let us also remember women attack other women; which is maybe something ND/HS might like to cover?

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