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25 thoughts on “HOW To Defend AGAINST a MUGGER in a STREET FIGHT

  1. Julian Cardona says:

    Sometimes I get the feeling this is bullshit ! No matter how experienced you can be about martial arts or self defense devices, chances of survival in real life are totally different and it all depends on how your mental state takes the situation. On the contrary if you're able to face the situation and don't get nervous, these techniques may work.

  2. John Jay says:

    I have a similar technique, I create space between the muggerr and myself, but I do it with the help of my old pal, Mr.Glock 43. With his single stack, 6 round 9mm(a tad better than the .380 acp) cartridge, he's always eager to meet the face of someone who wants my money.

  3. matt8863 says:

    Excellent video…It would be extremely difficult to teach the average person knife disarmament, so his message of discernment, distance, and distraction (3 D's) is paramount.

  4. Silvafox says:

    Love your videos i been practicing muay thai and kickboxing for almost 4 years majority of martial arts class are not really realistic because some instructor never had real life fight or been in a life an death situation how you suspect a person to remember alot of self defense situation when your attacker is so unorthodox you dont know when and where your attacker is going to attack you from 9 out of 10 you going through a flight or fight decision fighting is mostly about reaction not memorizing techniques

  5. OldNatty says:

    Good points. Never go to a secondary location. All that means is they plan to kill you and have a predetermined place to do it. Carry a fake cash wade. A ten raped around some 1's so it looks like a wad of 10's.

  6. XD Catalyst says:

    Nick I've been watching and learning from your content for some time now. I just want to say thank you, seriously. I live and work in environments that these skills, strategies and training have helped immensely. Love your content, love your open and giving attitude towards us. Keep it all coming. Love and respect

  7. starrysurprise2 says:

    I agree with never letting them take you away, because if you get in a car you're being taken away to probably never be found. You could get out of it unharmed but if they're taking me away it's for a reason and it's not going to be holding me for ransom cause my daddy ain't rich.

  8. Barbarian says:

    As someone who's studying to be a safety engineer, I don't like the idea of just escaping and letting them mug the next person they encounter. If you have the oppurtunity to stomp them in the head, then do it. That will probably increase the chance of escaping anyways.

  9. Alan Freeman says:

    Great video as always Nick. Good advice about keeping distance during the whole process of giving up the money.

    Do you have any videos on how to defend or get out of situations where someone has pushed you up against a wall? I'm creating my own self defense dojo and trying to give my students options on how to use the wall to their advantage.

    Thanks Nick

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