how to defend against a knife

34 thoughts on “how to defend against a knife

  1. danny boy says:

    Dear Master Wong ,
    After having a bad experience in East London I was in a bad situation with 2 guys with knives who try to mug me .I managed to get in my car and drive away with just minor scratch , after this experience I am so afraid of knives , but I also want to master my fear and learn how to protect myself and family .
    I really enjoy your style and straight forward common sense approach to self defense . Thanks so much for your videos .

  2. markus bourne says:

    What if the person is an experienced knife enthusiast?  In the first movement you have both hands on the one hand and arm with the knife. What if he pulls a knife in the other hand? I did this with a person who was pretty experienced. He showed me a lesson I wont forget. In a real situation I probably would've been dead.

  3. lcafilms says:

    Your techniques are all wrong but your humor does make me laugh. Dinner table, Dinner table, Dinner table, a friend of mine who studied Kenpo to black belt then MMA and Myself similar Martial arts background once spent 3 hours using all of the same old stupid knife defenses but we used Magic Markers at the end of it we were both dead from all the knife wounds then about 3 and half hours later it was him who came up with the only real Idea that would work if the attacker did a knife thrust to the chest area, you do a side kick to the knee of the front leg that the hand is in then you can do some of the basic moves but the knee kick is the only thing that actually worked at full street speed.

    You no Master I hate being using that terminology these days there are only about 10 real Masters in the Martial arts in the world and your not one of them. maybe a master at jokes and humor but not real street defense. don't believe me try this shit with real street speed with multiple knife attacks and use a Marker you will be dead or someone's Dinner Table. lol

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