How to Defend against a Knife Strike | Krav Maga Defense

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25 thoughts on “How to Defend against a Knife Strike | Krav Maga Defense

  1. Clear Combat Self Defense and Fighting System says:

    Does anyone attack from that far out.  I was on a train in New York once and a guy keep leaning on me i said something to him he pulled a seven inch knife I told him the seat was his and walked away very cautiously.  I knew martial arts at a pretty high level but felt better to get out of there.  True story.

  2. Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

    why are you trying to hide your knife. Its obvious that you are hiding something plus if he sees you pull it he will already know. If an attack was coming at you like he Is your thrust will enter far enough to do damage but won't stop his momentum. So if he continues to come at You and even if your knife enters he will crash into you and might get his attack in but not likely. I would go to the left and slash his arm.

  3. MrNaySmith says:

    Pains me to see so many "experts" on here giving their two cents worth when they don't even know what this style is used for. And don't tell me you do else you wouldn't write stupid comments like the ones below me.
    He says it him self in the video, it's a situation for soldiers, not for kids in the street.

  4. Aaron Brummett says:

    Too bad nobody attacks you with a knife like this.. If the bad guy really wants to kill you he will not advertise the fact that he has a knife until he's up close to you and as already punctured you several times.

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