How to Defend against a Knife | Ninjutsu Lessons

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37 thoughts on “How to Defend against a Knife | Ninjutsu Lessons

  1. sockmess says:

    Don't let anyone get half an arms length close to you if you don't trust them is the only real defense. If you can do that then you should be able to avoid like was shown on this video.

  2. Dirk Richter says:

    i dont say stabbing people is legal! but you can buy everywhere knife without problems and mostly you can carry one without problems, police will say nothing when it is not too big! but to get and carry a gun is a bit more different and unusual if you live not in some areas in usa where it is legal. i just hate all this stupid gun comments on every martial art video from people without knowledge about, is meaningless and stupid. people should grow up.

  3. Hiram Suárez says:

    I'm pretty sure that carrying a knife for stabbing people is illegal too… But that's ok, we may discuss the entire day on what's illegal, what's correct, what's possible, what's probable and what's a waste of time =)

  4. Hiram Suárez says:

    So you're saying that I can be attacked by someone who wears a knife and, statiscally speaking, I won't have a weapon to defend myself? Statistics show that the first cause of casual accidents were made by fire weapons, pretty far away from the attacks made by white ones. So, it's possible that I could be wearing a gun to defend myself, and of course, is statistacally possible that, instead of a knife, i could be attacked by someone with a gun. Maybe you can teach us how to defend against a gun!

  5. Dirk Richter says:

    always this stupid comments, why? alot of people all around the world wear mostly knifes, but it is not normal everywhere to get or cary a gun easy and not everybody have a gun…always just easy to talk stupid things. i think here are only kids

  6. Dirk Richter says:

    whatever people show, other people leave comment like you! at the beginning in the basics people learn this first! so what they show here in clips are basic movements, if someone wanna learn mor then need to visit a dojo!

  7. matty says:

    I love the look on that dude's face.
    "Dat nigga's crazy…"

    Also, this is more of a counter-attack then simple defense if you're going to cut the dude's throat.

  8. sockmess says:

    Most knife attacks are so close that there is no chance of getting out of the way. Like at most half the attackers arm distance not beyond the attacker arms distance like was shown on this Howto

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