How to Defend Against a Knife Attack with Nick Drossos

Learning how to defend against a knife attack is scary, but necessary! In this video, self-defense expert Nick Drossos shares a few basic knife defense tips that …

45 thoughts on “How to Defend Against a Knife Attack with Nick Drossos

  1. michael laracuenti says:

    Great video and you brought up one of the most important points,MAINTAIN A SAFE DISTANCE , a coward will always try to attack you from concealment and reaction is always slower than action, watch those hands it can happen in an instant, also great advice on using environmental weapons a garbage can cover probably saved my life once

  2. Keith Jordan says:

    Plain and simple folks…… Don't let anyone who argues with you within striking distance or even close to your body. If they charge you and you don't have your gun on you, run back or away just knowing they have a knife and will kill you with it if they close the gap. Once it is established they don't have a knife then i'm kicking his mother fucking ass for real!!!!!!! No one can successfully disarm every fucking lunatic out there who has a knife on them and an intent on killing your ass with it. Dumbass guy, you're going to make a person think they are a hero and get them killed!!!!!!

  3. Fabian Patrizio says:

    there was a knife in attack in Melbourne, Australia just the other day….a Muslim Somali migrant killed one person (sadly, a well-known well-loved local cafe owner) and wounded two others…police stood off him before finally shooting him dead. He came at people (see the footage) not like you have in this Video…he cam striking downwards… do you defend against that please??

  4. Jayden L says:

    Thanks for the tips Nick ! If the situation is like the Melbourne knife attack of 9 NOV 2018 (yesterday) how can we best try to defend other than flee (he held the knife high and jabbed downwards) ? The 2 cops couldn't take down the attacker and finally had to shoot him.

  5. worldwidehappiness says:

    If anyone demonstrates some kind of attitude towards you, then you should leave or put something between you and them. Don't believe them if they suddenly act nice because evil people can act nice to make you relax and to get closer for an attack. Don't get involved in answering their questions or comments. Get your hands up and talk loudly about anything to mindfuck them. Don't let them get close to you. Don't get backed into a corner or against the wall. Beware of the terrain like bumps or hollows on the ground because these can make you trip over. And good luck. It's a nightmare scenario. If there are no witnesses around and you do a preemptive attack, then you could end in jail. If there are witnesses around, then you should draw attention to the situation by talking loudly and moving about. And if he strikes, then say, "Hey!" loudly so that witnesses know that he made the first move, and so that he becomes more self-conscious.

  6. Christian Praise and Worship in Songs, Sermons, and Audio Books says:

    Yes, you must get control of the knife hand and then strike while maintaining control of that hand…but it's important to know what type of strikes to use in this situation. Due to the risk of losing my channel in our politically correct environment, I won't elaborate on what kind of strikes are necessary, but perhaps someone else will. Just remember…it's not a fistfight that's being discussed here…you're fighting for your life. God bless.

  7. Darkavenger_13 says:

    New guy in class seems like a troublemaker. Always gets in trouble with cops and is also agressive even when in a good mood, feels nice to be slightly more prepared if anything ever happened

  8. Michael Guthrie says:

    The most important thing to remember if you engage a person with a knife…you will be cut. There is no way around this fact.

    I have been in two knife fights and although I survived and came out of it…I was cut and stabbed.

    Remember this, you will be cut and you need to be mentally prepared for this fact. If you choose to go down this road.

    Love your vids by the way.

  9. Anthony Lane says:

    Once someone pulls a knife on you, he’s not fighting you, he’s hunting you. If you get close to him, you’ll get stabbed repeatedly in the chest and you’ll bleed out and die. Best defense is to run away. If he gets close to you and pulls out the knife and starts stabbing, shove him and run. If your cornered and he tries closing the distance, kick him in the chest as hard as you can and run away. The tendons in your forearms that make your hands open and close can easily be cut in two, then grappling is worthless. Running away is something almost everyone can do, if the attacker is faster, stand your ground and look for a weapon, or try to carry a gun with you or an improper weapon, like a hiking stick or maybe steel toed boots, or anything that can do some damage.
    Also, scream as loud as you can, that will attract attention and the attacker will flee.

  10. Dean Waller says:

    This is nonsense it won't work and you'll die

    Watch "guy stabs two bouncers"

    It's on YouTube,and then tell me knife defence works…the guys that get stabbed are both side on watching their mark,both ready for him to move .he stabs then both in under two seconds ,one very badly

    This kind of shit WILL get you killed

    Don't do it

  11. Samurai says:

    These “experts” are actually increasing the likelihood of being attack by a knife by focusing on the event. When you’re defensive and paranoid it increases the chance of being attacked and getting in fight. If you’re relaxed and focus on not fighting you most likely won’t get into fights.

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