How to defend against a dog. Self defense against dog attack

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43 thoughts on “How to defend against a dog. Self defense against dog attack

  1. Andrew Conner says:

    In America it's against the law to defend from a police dog. You have to lay there while they chew holes through your arm. If you hurt it back then it's considered hurting an officer.

  2. Paul Dunne says:

    What a load of nonsense,the dog would have quickly picked up that was his owner and best friend from scent alone. If that was somebody else the dog would have kept fighting trying to bite the person's face and neck.

  3. l says:

    For the people who say that you can just shoot the dog. In a lot of countrys its not possible or not such an good idea to carry a gun or a knive with you all the time.

  4. St0rmzxx says:

    Spread the two front legs apart in a swift motion, like spreading the wings out of a bird. Crushes the rib cage of most dog breeds and kills instantaneously. Fastest way to put down a dog without a gun

  5. Cedar Poplar says:

    Problem is; in America, you can never hurt a dog. Even if your life is on geopardy. If a dog attacks you, and you try and defend yourself, you'd best have the right ullaby.
    If it was a police dog, uncalled for and there is no justifiable reason for the attack. While you're bleeding your guts out at the ER, with an officer telling you sorry for the inconvenience…. Than my friend: you are fucked! They will prioritize the dogs well being before yours.
    Point being:. If a dog attacks you, grab them by the snout and bite their nose.

  6. Angel Coronado says:

    Keep the underside of your forearm towards your body as the dog could tear and sever veins and arteries. If the dog is biting the forearm fully put your body weight on the dog and push your thumb into the eye or into the neck and reduce blood flow. If the dog is biting your leg then collapse on the dog when he has a grip and go for the soft areas such as the abdomen and underneath the armpit. It's also quite easy to break a dog's wrist so try to go for that instead of trying to punch or kick. Never stick your hands when dogs are fighting or if a dog doesn't have a grip on you because they can easily amputate or deglove your fingers

  7. Fernando Coelho says:

    I heard that the most effective way to defend yourself from a dog is to bite him back. And if you bark louder than the dog he will hesitate to attack you thinking that you're a fucked up bigger alpha male dog on the joint! I've been a dog expert for the past 3 minutes of my life!

  8. I hate Fags says:

    A year back I would always pass by this house full of thugs as i was going to the boxing gym and they will always start shit they knew i was a boxer but they would say shit like ( you cant beat a man with a gun) I would ignore them I could have gone a different way but that way was closer to the gym and I thought it wasn't fair to go the long way just to please them. Well one day as I was walking by they had a pit bull and when they saw me coming they started threatening me that they were going to let the dog go honestly I was scared and I thought they wouldn't release it but as I was passing them the dog took of running towards me I felt the adrenaline rush and I quickly turned around and idk how it happened but I guess I timed it right the pit had already jumped at me I reacted and hit it in the snout dog was knocked out before it hit the floor I could see it breathing but layed flat thugs gave me a ass whooping after that they chased me down police took 3 to jail and I left that place I still can't believe it to this day. This happened in Mexico… savage people out there never going back

  9. Lake Cooper says:

    So how the fuck do you safely handle the dogs?
    I'm familiar with Jiu-Jitsu, and expected a similar type of breakdown.
    Good to know, don't stop your motion, or that's when they'll go for your throat. ….more of THAT type of info, please!!!!

  10. reVix says:

    what if im encountered by 4 or 5 dogs when i return from my work place to home at almost 8 or 9 am dogs chase my vehicle but what if im not using any someday and im in stress of work and forget about dogs they are like 4 or 5 dogs folloe everyone who passes through that way i meam they dont look like stray dogs since they look healthy and deadly kinda stuff mean what would i do then?

  11. Дамиан Кристофер says:

    Lol. They got the novice training. Wait till the dog start doing backflips and shit hitting a target 100 yards away with a laser mounted on its backs. I heard Russian dogs can field strip and assemble back a AKM within a couple minutes. Their real bark are "блять, блять, блять."

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