How to defend a rear naked choke | wing chun self defence

How to defend a rear naked choke | wing chun self defence How to escape a chokehold from behind. Subscribe for more videos, click here: …

42 thoughts on “How to defend a rear naked choke | wing chun self defence

  1. BlackNova says:

    its usefull i guess against a lesser experienced fighter but it would take to long to complete those moves flawless. and then there is also a power difference if the guy who chokes you from behind is stronger than you. it will be alot hard to move his hand down. he will notice and might throw you to the ground to finish you of. if i was in that situation i would play it dirty by giving him 1 in the nuts or break his tinny toe which if hard enough willl create an opening for a few second to release yourself and then you destroy him. trying to get him to the ground as fast as possible get 1 of his arms and get in that armbar or leglock or just a simple neckchoke would do. maybe i should begin with my self defence sports again its been to long.

    im getting exited when i watch your videos keep the work up.

  2. bflo1000 says:

    On the street anything goes. Small joint manipulation (fingers & toes) is illegal in ANY sport competition such as MMA, submission grappling, wrestling, Judo, etc……….

  3. Rolando Topete says:

    profesor could you make a video about how to defend your self against multiple toghs like in the videos of "robo en la Merced" o "como roban los Chineros" the mexican criminals use the rear Head lock and lift their víctims from the neck….Thank you Sr..

  4. Shen Shy says:

    these guys are surely not experienced or pros in choking,jiujitsu and or me girls or women,those of high ranks and knowledge would choke anyone out without a slightest chance.nonsense,but funny video.

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