How to defend a knife attack

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37 thoughts on “How to defend a knife attack

  1. Pavel Lagutenko says:

    Seem that this will work only if attacker puts weight of his boddy into stab, trying to make the stab powerful. If the attacker doesn't loose balance when he misses and just moves his hand back, you probably woudn't have enough time to catch it. You woudn't be able to move your second arm fast enough to catch his hand with both hands. And if you catch just his wrist, hell probably try to rotate the knife and cut your hand.

  2. Rizal Djohan says:

    Nobody with a knife would extend his arm that long. Even most stupid by stepping through while stabbing. Most knife strikes are shorter and harder. I would not trust any instructor to teach knife defense but has never experienced being attacked by a knife and survived. I survived a knife attack but would not teach a knife defence because i believe it was pure luck and timing instead of teachable technique

  3. HU -LK says:

    My technique is to backflip my way while kicking the knife in the air, then catch the knife in mid air while doing a pirouette. It's irresponsible to show bullshito techniques with a knife that will get someone killed.

  4. Herbie says:

    Appreciate this self-defense lesson, but maybe one other possibility is once you retrieve the knife from the attacker you knock the guy out, or break his arm since the person is in a pretty vulnerable position or something other than cutting the attackers throat or stabbing him in the gut a bunch of times. Just saying, maybe you can teach another option once the knife is retrieved.

  5. 40milc says:

    Wow.. this is the best defence against frontal stabbing in youtube. Master Wong, could you provide also a video how to defend yourself when attacker lock-up your neck and pointing knife on yout right ear?

  6. nikola tesla says:

    your attacker strike to slow.. in stabbing a victim kindly show us a realistic super fast attack..or a faking attack?? id like to teach you but its my secret… too easy…

  7. jhan Buddhi says:

    Mr Wong at 29 sec you give the advanced knnife user the uppertunity to avoid you further plans alltogether. I would simply through the knife to my left hand and draw a butterfly on ur nose :). Make sure that when you talk about terror attacks, you also have to mentions how much % there is in the change that you'll face an opponant who will make just 1 stabbing movement. This is not really a defence vid, but a fragmentel event that can happen to you.
    Take the whole street with all its uppertunity's when fighting in a street. The fight will not stop after we try to apply your pre-sumptions on this. Finish to person uncounscious so that the knife is out of reach. Or kick the knife away, but then follow up with the finish or finishes.
    Whatever you teach after not fairly completing a real defence mechanism for street fights, then don't plz and first live for 25 years in the street and learn in this way, thats the way of the dragon>>>>>>>>! And when your 70 or 80 you can move into a house.

  8. Tun Hein says:

    Nice video. But, reality knife attack is not that simple. pls find and take a look a real video how get stabbed in the street in real world. Most of time is unexpected. stabbing by closer. i don't think people will throw knife first from a distance in the street fight.

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