How to Defend a Knife Attack: 5 Simple Techniques

We hope we never get into these scenarios, but it never hurts to be prepared! Music Credits: Taiko Power Drums – Royalty Free Music by Stockwaves.

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  1. says:

    there is so much to knife defense here are a few more tips to think about. Improvised weapons can help as an equalizer or distraction, if you can't see someones hand you need to be out of range or control that hand, if someone reaches for something you need to immediately either strike or control the arm or best do both, it's much easier to deal with a knife before it's drawn then after to practice this have a partner try to draw and cut with a training knife and you try to stop them before it is drawn, even though running can be a good option if you have control of that knife hand I would not let go till they are unable to fight even to try to run away, also if you are going to run away before the fight starts be honest with yourself is there potential help near by? how fast are you? how far can you run before being winded? if you don't think you can out run them don't wear yourself out and then still have to fight. instead run to an obstacle like a car that you can keep between you and them and just keep circling it or run to something you can use as a weapon, anyways just a few ideas

  2. paul thomas says:

    @MMA Shredded like your channel a lot. My 2 cents.

    Research show that knife attack (footage) most of the time involves the other hand leading more often holding but sometimes striking. The reason is simple: they are not "knife fighting" they want to stab you and don't want you to move away while this is happening. So that often involves grabbing or pushing you up against something or down to the ground or incapacitating with the blow. often the knife isn't in view till the last minute. The exception is large blades, which are more hacking + slashing type weapons.

    If you think about it, an attacker really, really wants to succeed in what they are doing, they are not typically just going thrust or slash in the open in such a obvious way, unless their intent is to scare/injure but not kill. If they want to kill someone they want to make sure the blade goes deep and ,multiple times and fast to get it over. They are not looking to "fight". "Fights" and attacks are fundamentally different psychologically, yes some knife attack are instigated by fighting and bravado too.

    That is not to say you shouldn't train a type of attack, but it is generally at much closer range with much less warning. This kind of attack can be from someone you have little reason to see as a threat.

    I have trained hand to knife defence. What it has taught me is there are no easy answers and it is really difficult. There are ways to damage limit and gain dominance, equalise, but there is s still as significant risk of failure/injury/death. So you want to do everything you can do to reduce that in the approach. There is quite a lot of detail to go it here, and it need a lot of drilling a practice. Foreknowledge of an possible attack then anything you can to to avoid getting attacked, or using force multiplier especially distance force multipliers are a good idea, however those tend to be different situations, you don't usually get a lot of warning.

    If you think about sparing, if you think of every hit that get through or you let it land you have lost count (you have to count the on the arms too). Some for them have power, some don't but most of them if they has a knife attached could do significant damage and worst case kill you. Your priorities in defence/attack then are quite a bit different, form a fist fight.

  3. CombatFitness says:

    jeff, what if the person knows how to fake low and come up with… like how mayweather faked corrales with the body jab before making corrales think its a body jab when its a left hook.. with a knife it could be death without even seeing it .. so whats the most effective way to defend against that? and also 1 more question. for redirecting that overhand right knife attack is it possible to redirect an overhand punch in mma using that same method?

  4. Haragei Lucid says:

    I am a subscriber and I think your MMA content is as good as anyone elses on YT and better than most. Knife attacks are a totally different world though, and i dont think krav has got it really right, or most anyone else for that matter. They have some things right, and maybe theyve got more right than like karate people or something. I'd like to recommend watching a video about different knife attacks caught on cctv (i think its even called "different knife attacks caught on cctv" lol or something like that) but even if not that particular one, there's tons of real knife attacks caught on video and posted online. I have a ton of respect for your abilities as amartial artist and for the quality of your videos; i think watching a few dozen (or actually, a few hundred) real-life knife assaults would be a great benefit if you're going to do counter-knife tutorials. One of the best counter-knife tutorials i have seen on YT is called "functional knife defense" and id also recommend checking that out too.
    Thank you for your work, have a nice day.

  5. Leo Kent says:

    this is great .I've trained similar techniques in nijutsu.never know if you'll need to use it.great videos.I also train muay Thai and find your techniques the most helpful of any videos I have seen.thanks

  6. PoopiePants Mcgee says:

    I've subbed and genuinely like your content thus far but .. I've seen someone get stabbed and none of these scenarios looked anything like it. The guy was jumped and stabbed by one of the attackers .. My brother was also stabbed in Seattle (more of a slashing attack) outside a pool hall from a "street kid" because he won a game and didn't want to give up the table. It's just important that everyone know: Get the hell out if you can! (if you can't for whatever reason then shit fight Hard.) To be fair I was distracted and didn't here much audio in this one. respect be safe. good head movement and guard though!

  7. OwenArk says:

    Do you practice Krav Maga along with MMA? You are really good at explaining the concept (reminds me of my old km instructor).
    This is great to watch, keep them coming Jeff

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