How to defend 2 Knives (Secrets of the Knife Filipino Martial Arts)



Double dagger attack is very hard to defend, and very few martial artists have much clue about it, so I was lucky to know someone like Master Ely who is a real …

13 thoughts on “How to defend 2 Knives (Secrets of the Knife Filipino Martial Arts)

  1. Kieran Loftus says:

    Are you back in the 80's ??????. A mad man with a knife is going to use a slashing non descriptive movement and not the set up as seen. Hence people killed around the world. Over 50's practice this method…HA HA … Ambulance

  2. David B says:

    Here is the real secret: DON'T hang around with people who will or might or may pull 2 knives on you. AVOID them and cut them out of your social circle, including all drug users and ex-wives.

  3. Kenneth Littrell says:

    back like in 1996 I went to federal law enforcement academy we practiced like mixed martial arts and even had criminals that were released early to fight with us or attack us. What a gig, I used what I learned a few times, I had a gun but that would be too messy and lots of paperwork. nowadays I am getting old over, 60 really unfit, mostly due to house arrest but also just old.

  4. olala muybien says:

    Hey bro how you doin man?
    Google searc FMA, BALINTAWAK, DOZE PARIS, E.G. I've seen videos fron Grand Master, Supreme, interviews about skilled Filipino martial artist that was ambushed at night time by three people and the master was able to disarm and killed one and wounding the other and the third one ran away and the master got stabb but survive the attack.

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