How to Defeat Dudes: Useful Stuff for the Non-Martial Artist Episode 8 – Knife Defense

Martial Arts master, former bodyguard and action film actor, Chuck Johnson discusses self-defense for the non-martial artist. This show focuses on knife defense.

37 thoughts on “How to Defeat Dudes: Useful Stuff for the Non-Martial Artist Episode 8 – Knife Defense

  1. Jeff Webb says:

    I've just now discovered your videos and I very much enjoy them. I'm an instructor and what I really like about this video is the focus on a quick defense long enough to buy time to run away. The mindset that one has to stand and fight can be extremely detrimental to their safety / lives, and unnecessarily so. I always tell my beginning students that running away doesn't mean you lost the fight. It can certainly mean you've won. If a person is intent on doing serious harm to you and you are able to escape with little or no injury, then you win and they lose. They failed at their objective and you stayed safe. There is no shame in removing yourself from the situation, and I think the things you are offering are certainly valid options, sir.
    Thanks for some very good videos!

  2. Ronald Johnson says:

    I think there's the gap between self-defence and knives, that needs closing. Back in the day you could walk around with a walking cane without it looking out of place. Nowadays there's tazers, but in my country they're not allowed. …and if you carry a knife, then you still risk getting cut, and then it's not much defense going on anymore. …so besides shoes, I'd like some sort of tool, and I've come up with two alternatives: A jacket, and a flashlight.
    Are there more?

  3. César Alves says:

    Agreed on everything except the shoe.
    1-You don't have time to take it off;
    2-Your shoe is a better weapon on your foot to protect it if you have to kick;
    3-Loosing your shoe will get in your way when you try to run

  4. Sam Deez Nuts says:

    Yo chuck, my sensei taught me knife defense and gave me a lot of the same pointers (manly the running part lol) but he had this technique where you pull your shirt off and down your arms where your hands are holding it at both sleeves, in a way that protects your hands and you kinda have like a rope between your too hands to grapple up the hand wielding the knife, hard to explain but I'm sure you get it

  5. Chuck Johnson says:

    Actually, I was a standin for an Usain Blot project here last year. (I have a video called "Chuck's Back" up, and that was part of it). I didn't get to meet him, because I only worked on the Tokyo segment and at the time, he was in Rome, but apparently, they wanted to use me because my legs are the same size around as his are. 😉

  6. Chuck Johnson says:

    Agreed. I did a video blog called "The Levels of Self Defense" that also stresses the importance of personal awareness as a tool for self defense. Please check it out when ya get a chance!

  7. Chuck Johnson says:

    Yeah, I think the other issue as well is that most knife defense tactics are made for an extremely specific scenario, and when faced with something novel, people will naturally do what they know… without necessarilty adapting to the situation. In a fight, where this might just result in taking a hit that is forgivable, but in a knife situation, every second, a single contact can be disastrous. As such, you are best off just keeping it at as far of a distance as possible.

  8. Chuck Johnson says:

    Greetings my friend. Im actually a bit of Judoka myself. (Trained in it during my college years 🙂 Yeah, Im certainly not saying that knife traps can't work in the situations that they were designed for…only that you gotta be VERY good to use them, and that this is a much safer solution for people who have no training.

  9. Chuck Johnson says:

    Get something you can use, as soon as you register the threat. Oftentimes, people don't take out their knife and thrust in the same motion. They take it out, then they either threaten you or come at you with it directly. But the point is , to grab something, create distance or do whatever you have to BEFORE they start thrusting. Another vid you may wanna check out is the "Levels of Self Defense". If you go to my How to Defeat Dudes Playlist, it is in there. Lemme know if you have any other Qs!

  10. Chuck Johnson says:

    Hey man. Great question. The point that I was making with the vid is that you don't have to use these objects. What I am trying to say is to pick up and use absolutely any damn thing you can. I understand your concern. If they just run up on you and start stabbing, then no, you may not have the time to do anything. That certainly happens in prison situations or when someone just snaps or something… But the trick that I am trying to share is to not wait until they start thrusting…

  11. Chuck Johnson says:

    Indeed it is! That's a great point… and one that I actually forgot to mention in the show. Basically anything that gives you a bit more reach and distance is a good weapon. The reason I advocate shoes over a belt is because they are way harder to cut through. That does work as well though! Great comment!

  12. Chuck Johnson says:

    …you can between you and their knife. I know it is hot in Jakarta, but having more layers of clothes on can help to give you a bit more protection against slashes at least. I know that isn't much… but I hope it helps. Just remember 1) try not to take the bus 2) if you do, don't sit down 3) if you are sitting get up as soon as someone else tries to sit down next to you.

  13. Chuck Johnson says:

    Selamat Sore. Apa Kabar? That's a tough situation to be in. They do that in the Phillipines as well. I think your best bet is simply to avoid taking the bus if you can…. or at least not sitting down (or getting up immediately if someone sits down next to you). Avoiding a situation is always always your best defense. Beyond that, Im afraid there isn't any one technique I can tell you that will get you out of that situation. Just create as much distance as you can, and as I said, get anything…

  14. mijadane says:

    I'm from Jakarta. Most of the time in here mugging happens on a bus. The mugger sits next to you on the bus and you're cornered. Is there any trick to defend yourself when you're sitting & cornered?

  15. Chuck Johnson says:

    Hey man. No such thing as a stupid question 😉 As for disarming (with either guns or knives) there are lots of techniques out there, but personally I don't endorse them because I haven't found techniques that are simple enough to be effective for the average untrained person… and mistakes of that nature with either guns or knives can be lethal. If I ever find that magic technique though, I will certainly be sure to make a video and post it up though 😉

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