How to Defeat Dudes: Useful Stuff for the Non-Martial Artist Episode 1: Same Side Wrist Grab



Martial arts master, former bodyguard, and action film actor, Chuck Johnson discusses self-defense for the non-martial artist. This episode focuses on the same …

23 thoughts on “How to Defeat Dudes: Useful Stuff for the Non-Martial Artist Episode 1: Same Side Wrist Grab

  1. Jeffrey Sagmaquen says:

    very nice…but more info on target area after being free…and secondary strikes….also what part to use….hammer fist elbow strike and maybe yelling to scare your foe…..keep the videos coming

  2. Danny Rosabal says:

    i wonder… are you still livingin Japan with your wife ..i ask becuase i saw the video of your's this early noon today so im kinda curious, please don't get the wrong idea, im just a curious person and i see that your're an awesome guy

  3. H4I2I2EE says:

    You can also curve your wrist/arm up vertically as if your are trying to touch your shoulder with your thumb in one movement, that's the way I learned it. Almost no one has a strong enough opposable thumb to hold on to you, is why it works.  Also if they pull you real hard you can just go with them and make them lose their balance while also with your free hand palm striking their face in one movement. It think it works cuz they typically would be expecting a tug of war sort of resistance. 

  4. Randy Greene says:

    So.. This would work great against a slow, thoughtless drunk guy with no training once you perfect your timing. My issue is turning your back to your opponent and completely disregarding his other hand (which could very easily go for a headlock in response) you are escaping and striking with the same hand.. Which makes it slower than most things he can attempt with his open hand. Changing footwork could minimalize his chances.. Hopefully viewers will change up their training to compensate for all possibilities.

  5. Chuck Johnson says:

    Yes, indeed. It is still very much active, my friend. 🙂 Basically, the emphasis on the show is simple stuff for people who don't have training experience. That doesn't mean however that trained martial artists can't enjoy it to though. There is a lot of other content on the chan for experienced martial artists. Feel free to check it out 🙂

  6. 123sesse says:

    is this channel still active? if so imma subscribe.but ive got one question, I am kinda a martial arts dude, I train karate, but I also train MMA, but why do you indicate that this video isnt for martial artists, I found it helpful, and I believe other martial artists will too

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