how to deal with drunk people

how to deal with drunk people Subscribe for more videos, click here: When being the attack is approached from the front …

30 thoughts on “how to deal with drunk people

  1. Robyn Martinez says:

    Hi Master Wong, I love all of your videos. If someone like me learns fast then they wont have to end up in the hospital with a huge hospital bill. I want to thank you for downloading your videos to YouTube because now maybe i can defeat my 5' 10" boyfriend and he knows boxing jujitsu, taijutsu, kung fu, and everything else

  2. SpyderVenomX says:

    Great video Master Wong. This is good especially for people that have friends that they go out with and maybe that have too much to drink. It's better to be prepared than not at all. Great job.

  3. 1845Raven says:

    My friend Mike (nicest guy) used to be a bouncer. Mike had to defend himself against an unruly bar patron. The patron wasn't as good a fighter as he thought–ended up with a broken nose. My friend Mike was not injured. When the cops arrived, the doucebag patron got Mike arrested for assault. Mike had to hire an attorney and got let off by the judge.

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