How To Deal With Depression – Tactics That Work Immediately

Bestselling author, Noah Elkrief, explains how to deal with depression in a way that can have an instant impact. Get relief now. — Want help? I do 1-on-1 …

36 thoughts on “How To Deal With Depression – Tactics That Work Immediately

  1. Manny Mundle says:

    I was dealing with depression i just Change schools and lost all my friends at my new school i have no one to talk to and when ever i check my friend s stuff on Instagram i just see how they move on with out me amd how there enjoying there high school life while im home wacthing t.v. and at i point something inside me broke and i just wanted to die this video saved my life. I know this video is long but trust me watch the hole video help me out so hopefully it can help u to. YOU ARE LOVED REMEMBER THAT

  2. Diegog5 says:

    This video is motivating and it makes a lot of sense, but it doesn't mean that it's true. For example, depression is not always caused by thoughts, a lot of times there are genetic anomalies, chemical imbalances, negative experiences, subconscious triggers, etc. Sure it can be accompanied and fueled by thoughts, but a lot of times the depression came before thoughts, negative thoughts can be the symptom of depression and not the cause. Ever felt really sad for absolutely no reason what so ever? a lot of times this is what depression is, sad and negative thoughts will follow…

    There are different types of depressions and with just as many causes.

  3. Hạnh Nguyên Nguyễn says:

    1. What's going on with me right now?
    A set of feelings – what I have experienced – what I believe
    2. The feeling comes and goes
    3. Negative thoughts
    4. What is the next thought I will pick up?
    —— ^^ ——
    Give my attention to what is worth

  4. george eskiadis says:

    This guy seems to be good at what he does, but it's for a specific type of crowd. He doesn't go too deep or give any scientific explenations unfortunately. I could not relate to this type of help, sorry. I have done this for many years in the past. You cannot oversimplify a very complicated issue.

  5. Austin Cutter says:

    the video unfortunately didnt help…… I'm just lost… my recent loss has destroyed me and I'm not sure how to recover. its sad that i have to go to youtube to even talk to anyone. i dont have anyone that is supportive in my life. i have no one that will listen to me and i just feel completely out of place. And ending it seems alot easier on everyone. Sure they'll be sad but the people closest to me would have a better life with out me … idk just everyday i am consumed and am thrown deeper. Im very thankful i was able to get out of bed because im tired of feeling this way. but idk how much more blindly searching i can do… I give my best to everyone and it isnt good enough, i give my all to work and they want more from me and less than others, i help everyone but i never seem to get anything back. i mean i dont want anything physical i just want someone to understand me.. Im not sure if this relates but i was born a twin but something happend to my twin during the pregnancy and he/she was no more. i didnt know until i was around 12-13. but ive always felt alone and lost.. my first suicide attempt i was in the 3rd grade… idk im tired of asking questions tired of searching, im completely exhausted. I literally wake up with a weight on my body and mind and i cannot remove please help i feel like the end is near…

  6. Jayz At Work says:

    Grate advise I have decided to stop taking my anti-depression medication a few days ago as it just made me numb. Was having some bad thoughts and wonted find some wise words to make my day better after a poor start. I will ponder on this for the rest of the day I found your video helpful thank-you.

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