How to Deal with Aggressive Sparring Partners

We’ve all been there: you and your partner agree on “light sparring”, but then they start throwing at 100%, trying to take your damn head off! Here are some tips …

20 thoughts on “How to Deal with Aggressive Sparring Partners

  1. ruger51995 says:

    What my sensei teaches is do front snap kicks into their gut when they're moving forward. Its enough of a distractimg they wont keep going. Its far from powerful but it works

  2. Lord Meme says:

    How about you man the hell up. An agressive partner is a blessing because you'll become a better fighter for it. Figure it out. Learn to use you're damn head. I hate having light sparring partners because I don't see it as beneficial for myself or my partner.
    Granted you're not kicking the crap out of eachother.

  3. kungfuspic says:

    F@$& kinda advice is this? Ask him to go easy or tell the coach? FOH. They get aggressive you gotta let them know your there.. stiff jab and 1.2’s. Use the ring move on him. Go to his body hard.

  4. Drago says:

    I hate these pricks at my gym, my coach will say do some light body sparring and they'll start throwing head shots or power shots to the body throwing me off

  5. RedeemerNDestroyer says:

    In sparring might seem shitty to have someone go too hard and aggressive but it's actually a good thing if you could handle it and if you force yourself to endure it. Getting used to hard and intense, aggressive sparring sessions prepare you for competition like nothing else could – not only for the physical aspect of it but also for the mental aspect. I used to hate those guys who go 90 % during sparring on a casual training day but after a couple of competitions I actually learned to appreciate those exact guys who didn't hold back cause through them I improved the most.

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