How To Deal with a Knife Threat From Behind

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21 thoughts on “How To Deal with a Knife Threat From Behind

  1. hlidskjalf666 says:

    @2:05 So when Ryan gets his head out, and then locks the knifemans arm with two hands.
    Why does the attacker just tuck his left-arm to his own chest and do nothing? I mean, He could also get a grip of his own arm and try to control the knife aswell with 2 arms and
    not let one hang there like a virtual broken-arm sling

    But I guess it looks "effective" when he is just idle and gets stabed in the side for 3-5 seconds without do something about it.

    (Interesting thou! I should try this with a sparring partner)
    Thanks for great vids

  2. Bruno Orozco says:

    a good friend recommend your channel …..Good vid. guys, but there is a tactical mistake : I apply almost the same technique but NOT with the "second part" where you try to stab like that the agresor. Why? ONE: because he can change the grip to the other hand and stab you in the face TWO: The main problem with real disarms are the struggle after the initial move even if you take the weapon away the agresor will fight really hard to recover the weapon, so in "trying to stab the rib cage with his own hand involved" you open the window of opportunity to the agressor to recover dominance….
    That´s why.

    This is not a "key warrior opinion", we practice this in real sparring….

    best wishes from mexico

  3. madogmedic says:

    I like the simplicity of this technique.
    one subtle result caused by raising your shoulder, is that it weakens your attackers shoulder, more than likely causing pain to some degree.
    the only reason I noticed this, is that I am a Surgical Technician with 43 years experience, and have done a lot of orthopedics.
    i only mention the above, so you wouldn't think I am just some troll.
    like I said, I love the simplicity, at 61 years of age, I need it.
    God Bless

  4. Null Void says:

    trapping your opponents hand using both your hands. they will try to recover form. At this moment you make them pay for it with explosiveness and accuracy. good video.

  5. Kyle .Rowling says:

    These guys are great, they truly are and I want people to understand I can appreciate this before I make my next statement. And yes I agree "only try this if your life is in danger", however even then, regardless of the fact that this man has pulled a knife on you and threatened to kill you, if you manage to pull this technique off, and then kill him "you will go to jail for Man Slaughter". You cannot take a life and not go to jail, self defence must stop at defence

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