how to deal with a boxing jab in a long range Wing Chun

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36 thoughts on “how to deal with a boxing jab in a long range Wing Chun

  1. AngelAbreu says:

    Master Wong, if a decent boxer or anybody for THAT matter, who wants to punch you would not position them selfs so far out. If I wanted to jab you in the face,for example, I would CLOSE the distance to be within punching range!

  2. mo duds says:

    I am a boxer and yes i do kick in a street fight you dumb asses and yes i will kick wungs leg with my rear leg and he will rotate and loose balance for a second and thats when i will close the distance and throw a straight right to the bk of his head followed by a left hook to the face or i might just get him n a rear choke depens how im feeling that chinese shit only works in the movies here in the streets ul get ur ass handed to u boys sorry to insult ur master hes a good althete thats about it…

  3. BostonTricker says:

    I don't know anyone who punches like that. When people punch, they step in with their left foot and punch with their right hand and not step in with left foot and punch with left hand.

  4. A Smithee says:

    McDojo alert….another ridiculously ineffective technique vehemently pushed forth as viable…this guy is a hack…the goon throwing that weak ass jab doesn't even feign, pump a double jab, change his angle, etc…this is straight fantasy

  5. Heidi Kidwell says:

    Hello, I have a question for anyone to answer. I want to find a martial arts that will teach me to defend myself, but also bond me with myself. I am just getting into martial arts and if anyone can give me tips on whether to do this or a different martial arts that'd be great

  6. Drenoxian says:

    Master Wong, similar to this idea, how would you defend yourself against a much larger opponent considering they can keep you at a distance and attack you without you even being able to reach your opponent- rendering your techniques essentially useless? -Kind regards, Howard.

  7. rever mak says:

    wing chun martial artists may not be able to defeat a boxer in a match as there are so many restrictions in a match. Basically wing chun got many brutal techniques that are gonna do terrible harms to human's body, and you can't do that in a match. But that doesn't mean wing chun is worse than boxing, people are quite retarded when they keep saying on martial art is bad and another is good. It is never the art, but the terrible trainers

  8. Joe Krle says:

    master wong, is this correct that you move with left foot and hit with the left hand?? i dont want to sound cocky but if you want to punch somebody you move the opposite foot of your punching hand, or not?

  9. mo duds says:

    As soon as you kick my left i will kick u so hard with my right leg to ur leg and when u rotate slightly i will punch u and knock u out or take ur back and choke u to sleep u bad mouth baldy munk

  10. QuantumGeeks says:

    Máster wong how wing chung deal with people who fight like maywheather? some jabs,go back hit move fast,waiting for a contrattack how wing chung deal with this "boxing style"

    Thanks for all you the best!!

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