How To Cut Down A Tree With Just A Knife!

This is a cool survival trick that shows how to cut down a tree with just a knife. Then how to use the stump to process some kindling for the fire you are building.

36 thoughts on “How To Cut Down A Tree With Just A Knife!

  1. quercus says:

    Cutting down dead trees is more dangerous than green trees. Dead trees have a bad habit of breaking at the top and falling on you while you are focusing on chopping it down. Better to throw a rope around as high as you can get it back off a safe distance and shake hell out it. Good video,Thanks. P.S. be safe.

  2. Klown Korp says:

    you could cut it down some to a length of a foot and a half of two feet and use it as a stove put tender in the middle and feed it and you would a good surface to cook on or just heat

  3. psychadaze says:

    Man this is the realist vid ever half the guys on here is swinging that thing like an axe wearing themselves out, was wondering when someone would get it right, Awwwsome vid keep being real

  4. 470blp911 says:

    JJ, that is such a great tip. Who would have thought of that? Everyone is always saying make sure you have a saw with you, well if l didn't now l know what to do. Thank you for that and all of your great tips.

  5. Jaybird196 says:

    That is a good trick 🙂 . I do have related knife question, though. If one possesses a saw-toothed knife, when does it make the most sense to use that function, as opposed to batonning(sp?) ?

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