How To: Cover / Conceal A Scar



How to cover / conceal a scar using a few simple makeup tricks! PRODUCTS USED – Clinique Superprimer – UD Naked Skin Color …

42 thoughts on “How To: Cover / Conceal A Scar

  1. Cindy Sampson says:

    I am lucky to have good skin on my face, even at my age. (67) But I am embarrassed by the scars and red marks on my arms where the skin has become so thin. I covered my biopsy scar with a forget me not tattoo but I can't do that to every one ! And this worked perfectly! I am thrilled – thank you so much.

  2. nanushka says:

    You're the first tutorial that uses colour correction, as you're supposed to! this technique is also aplicable to stretchmarks. I'd also suggest a pore-filling primer for areas that have uneven texture, as it "fills" the gaps in and the surface looks smoother 🙂

  3. CJ Zanders says:

    My doctor gave me the option of not taking the achilles tendon surgery and healing another way. I probably wouldn't have gotten the surgery if I knew that it would scar the way it did. Such is life lol.

  4. Google User says:

    I have similar vertical forhead scar thst size.. I chose not to cover as it's still inflammatory and painful 8 weeks later. I tried various silicones but the best product for newer as scar up to 2.5 months is scar fading and minimising product called Embrace advanced scar and I'm using the new scar vs the ones they also have for older scars.. I was amazed I followed instructions in box press into my skin then there are 2 tabs that you pull in each side , which somehow creates pressure that pushes towards scar and shrinks while on for up to 10 days causing it to become thinner/flatter and helps with fading of still red scar. I'm so happy because prior to that product it was bumpy and uneven due to inflammatory healing over building collagen , so even if I tried to cover I wouldn't be happy due to the raised texture. So until fully healed I'm continuing with my surgical grade silicone alternating after my treatment with Embrace had done its job flattening it so it's same as my skin and noticing it getting lighter )less red). To cover it up I wear bandaids and hats. I dint believe adding makeup into scars until fully healed , I want it to look it's best before i start adding makeup to it..

  5. konian fatima says:

    Mam, i have a thick white self-harmed scar with eight stitches.. ive tried so many conceealer but the shiny skin doesn't hide.. mam i need serious help as im nearing my wedding day.. please help my mail id is plzzzz respond i want to send you a photo of it so you cam recommend me right products to use..

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