How to Come from Behind

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33 thoughts on “How to Come from Behind

  1. Chris Davis says:

    I re-watch this vid as a reminder and brush up on the importance of mindset and preparedness in a time is life situation. And each time I see it in a different way. Really good stuff for those who have never had to fight for their life, to help you be ready to do something !

  2. Titanic Crest says:

    You should make a YouTube channel just like "Active self protection". I think your opinion has high value and would love to see you analyze videos. Awesome work here and it just made me think of that idea.

  3. Tactical Mischief says:

    Awesome, great video and good information. From all the real life examples, one constant seems to be, bullets are not the one shot dead. You may take a round, but it is never a guarantee to take your life. Fighting for your life ends when you stop breathing, otherwise, keep doing what you have to do to survive and get home to your family.

  4. Steve austin says:

    Good thing his Glock Jammed or he may not have lived through that or the robber would have been dead which I don't care about the robber anyway. Just wish the glock wouldn't have malfunctioned after the good guy got ahold of it.

  5. ArmaRes says:

    That guy got shot point blank several times and fought stright through it like it was nothing. Makes you think how effective your personal concealed carry gun is.

  6. Eric says:

    Great vid. Get on man. You need to be on there with the other true gun channels. Youtube is anti-gun. Do both and support the gun community. Thank you for the content.

  7. Shinobi HOG says:

    There are times when you're just fucked. In August four guys snuck up on me from behind leaving a waffle house. I don't have any memory from about 12 hours prior until three days later but I was told by the detective who saw camera footage that they nailed me in the back of the head, I went limp and unconscious immediately. They were in their car getting away in less than a minute. They stole my gun and cell phone. Not my wallet or extra ammo though. I don't know why they didn't shoot me, the detective told me he's pretty sure they murdered someone the week after with my gun and that one of the guys for out of prison the week prior for attempted murder. Maybe they thought I was already dead. Fractured skull, traumatic brain injury and bruised ribs later with three days in the ICU and 11 days in the hospital overall. I'm most mad at myself for letting my situational awareness drop. By all accounts I was sober and the waitress even told the detective I was nice to everyone in the restaurant. Like I said, I have no memory from about 12 hours prior until three days later but I definitely blame myself for the failure……

  8. Leisure Ops says:

    The "will to fight" and the "will to survive" are 80% of any at-odds scenario. If you're to be defeated, DON'T let it be because you simply "gave up". It sounds easier said than done, but when you work towards a solid "moral foundation" to build your values and beliefs upon, "life" is the easy choice. Everyone stay safe, and fight hard!

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