How To Choose the Right Knife Grip

In this Schrade Quick Tip video we’re going to take a look at a few different knife grips that can be used to save time and energy when performing knife related …

49 thoughts on “How To Choose the Right Knife Grip

  1. Airik1111 says:

    People are always winning knives from you guys…..I would love the Schrade Schf42 to be a companion for my new 52 😉 😉 LOLActually I was wondering if you guys have ever considered selling hand scales someday. After buying my new 52 I've now realized the micarta may have been a better fit cause the trip is thicker the the Tpe from what I've heard. Anyways you guys are awesome for the everyday guy who can't afford $200 knives and having a package of new micarta handles or tpe for the great prices you always have would be AWESOME! It would be so cool. Thanks for taking care of your fans guys you rock.

  2. Charles Burton says:

    Didn't realize my comment from 6 dat's ago would still be on top of the list !! That surprises me, as I thought the world would be hacking in to win a Schrade knife !! Maybe my chances will be. Enter ??

  3. Crazyscrub says:

    Already have a schf9, awesome knife. Little big though to carry on hikes. Really need a shorter knife that will still do the job, been looking at the 36 and 42 for a while. Just cant decide which.

  4. Aaron Reck says:

    SCHF9n would be mine. I would use the hammer grip very often. Sometimes I am out in wooded areas and need to carve a piece of wood for a task or maybe I would like to peel the skin of the bark of wood to make myself some type of shelter or maybe something to hold water. Think it is great to show people how to properly hold a knife and how to do so safely and properly. And the video give a good idea of how to use hold the knife on the choil.

  5. Norm McIntosh says:

    Learned several techniques that I was not familiar with thank you! I would love any of your sheath knives as I lost mine on an elk hunt three years ago. Haven't been able to afford a new one as yet.

  6. Andy Woessner says:

    The schf42 would be an awesome survival/bushcraft knife in any grip situation due to the ergonomics, I would love to own this to increase my knife skills and the leather sheath is nice

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