How to Choose and Use a Tactical Pen

In this Schrade Quick Tip Video, we show you how to select a tactical pen and demonstrate a variety of its uses. Along the way we’re going to bring you some …

44 thoughts on “How to Choose and Use a Tactical Pen

  1. myrthmaker says:

    I just purchased an SCPEN4BK last week. It's a decent pen but the black coating is already starting to chip. I haven't done anything with it except keep it in my front jeans pocket.

    I like the whistle, glass breaker but the ferro rod is almost pointless in an urban environment. Carrying a lighter in the city is much more practical. If I am going out the woods or elsewhere that I may need to start a fire I am going to have a few other means to do so that is better suited for doing so. A small flashlight would be more useful in an urban situation. Second; it would be nice to find a more discrete tactical pen. One that if used at the office or laid on a table doesn't scream "TACTICAL PEN". A retractor on the side so you still have a solid place to put your thumb should you need to defend yourself or break glass. Just my .02.

  2. Arian Wijkstra says:

    i female friend had to use one and did train krav maga once a week, and the strategy that in the end worked best was just icepick grip and start stabbing like a psychopath wile screaming off the top of your lungs and kicking for the groin xD acording to her the pervert pissed his pants litterally 😛

  3. Jani Sukanen says:

    Been carrying my SCPEN4O in my pocket for about year and a half now and i love it. Built like a tank and writes well. So is great as a pen. Originally bought it because of the other cool features though 😉 The ferro rod works nicely. Tried and tested with couple camp fires. The whistle is surely loud enough for emergency use. Over all really cool product. Has been every bit as nice as i expected. Never leaves my pocket. I definitely need a black one too. Big thumbs up for Schrade! You rock!

  4. Chebby303 says:

    Putting the pen in the pocket of  the jeans, like in this video, makes me flinch! It's not supposed to be a "nut"-cracker! Wear it down the outside seam of your pants. I can't imagine a normal, "whole" man stowing it this way. I certainly wouldn't point my tac pens at my "vitals". Notice I use the plural… Two is one, one is none. Think about it… ; )

  5. Oddzilla says:

    I've been looking at tactical pens for my wife. She's an Occupational Therapists and does home care, so when she goes to peoples homes, she sometimes may get into situations where she needs to defend herself. A women's self defense course she took recommended pens as a great tool to keep handy in bad situations. the SCENP would be a good unassuming piece of equipment to clip onto her shirt in the neck opening for easy access, but the SCPEN4BK is a great all around tool for if she needed a whistle for attention getting (The 8 would be best in case she needed to cut straps to help herself or anyone).

  6. jerry c says:

    SCPEN4   for me for sure!!  exactly what I want and need to add to my schrade collection.  and with this having a fire starter we're talkin' hardcore EDC

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