17 thoughts on “How to carry a pocket knife

  1. knives are cool says:

    if you want to use a knife as self defense you need to be trained a knife makes a bad weapon too much work and blood to use successfully a pocket knife is a tool to use for cutting not killing or defense., total last resort you and people like are the ones who give knives bad name and they make laws banning them

  2. Leanne Humby says:

    Hello I am the creator of the vid.  A couple of things: 1. Contractor Gloves: Don't wear them.  If you are not an actual contractor, just don't.  If you are, you have several more options.  Second, Several questions about what knife to buy.  Any knife whether $1 to $100 should be able to open with one hand.  That is really all of the criteria.  Do not spend a lot of money when, honestly, a ballpoint pen will do the trick.  Your thumb will take care of most situations ( from experience).  I will post a vid on this soon.  

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