How to carry a fixed blade Knife in the field

This video is how I carry my knife in the field. This is just one technique that you may like when out in the field.

5 thoughts on “How to carry a fixed blade Knife in the field

  1. Lowell Kleinman says:

    Where did you get the add-on piece (that you run the cord through) for the kydex sheath? I looked at ESEE on-line and don't see it there. I can't find it on-line anywhere, I just see clip plates for sale. Thanks.

  2. Scott P says:

    My large sheath knifes go into my backpack, I carry an ESSEE Izula around my neck that will handle most chores backpacking/camping if I need something bigger I'll most likely have already set up camp and the larger one will be unpacked already.

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