How To Buy Good Knives Cheap

Every good homesteader has a good pocket knife. I use mine every day, multiple times a day. I have never been the kind of guy to buy expensive knives mainly …

24 thoughts on “How To Buy Good Knives Cheap

  1. John Smith says:

    Another great place to pick up blades is at estate sales and garage sales, I once bought a box of knives (17 in total) for $10, there some nice and some not so nice but after I cleaned and sharpened them I threw once in every bag and vehicle I could, that way I'm never far from a blade when I need one, I always buy cheap blades when I see them and squirrel them away for for the future.

  2. Susie Q says:

    I need knives for 10 Bug Out Bags and since I'm the one spending the money to do these BOB's, I need to watch how much I'm spending. Your video is just what I was looking for. THANKS!

    Our local Emergency Management Office recommended that I do Bug Out Bags. We just had an above ground outside safe room built and when I registered it, the authorities told me NOT to rely on them to come and save me. My husband rolled his eyes, but I'm working on the BOB's. We recently had flash flooding and to our shock, the pond behind our house was filling up fast and we thought that the water might reach our home. It looked liked we were going to have to evacuate. We were lucky this time. Many home that were in the lower part of our addition were flooded. First time this has happened in 20+ years. Turns out the Army re-worked Lake George and all it's overflow now spills out and runs towards my housing area. You just can never tell what my cause you to have to leave your home.

  3. Lownewulfe says:

    So you're supporting the seizure of our Civil Liberties via the TSA? That's awesome! I've watched your channel for years and thought you were a family of patriots yet I find NOW, that you're promoting vampirism on the back end of Jackbooted Governmental Oversight.
    Well done sir!
    You're benefiting from the sorrows of those around you. Way to go!

    Now I know what your channel is about.

  4. Sneak 66 says:

    I've lost a lot of knives when I'm field dressing deer, when I get done I forget about the knife and go home without it. I'm going on eBay right now. Thanks for sharing.

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