How to Butcher an Entire Pig | Every Cut Explained Plus Ham and Sausage | The Bearded Butchers



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37 thoughts on “How to Butcher an Entire Pig | Every Cut Explained Plus Ham and Sausage | The Bearded Butchers

  1. Sean P. says:

    22:27 There is actually such a thing as "meat glue"! It's an enzyme powder, transglutaminase, which when applied between two surfaces of meat and mated, cross-links and polymerizes the proteins in the tissue to bond the separate pieces. It's often used by the meat industry to bond together all those odd bits of trimmings accumulated during the butchering process into larger pieces of "Frankensteined" meat.

  2. Dmac 740 says:

    Once you get a solid customer base you have to buy the commercial machines or hire a lot of extra hands but at the end of the buying the equipment is what you need to do so you can put out the best products.

  3. Nathan says:

    Where would you say is the best place to find help in regards to understanding cuts from a pig and such? I'm thinking reddit, a forum, etc. I just got my first ever pig butchered and I've got a bunch of questions.

  4. Jerry S says:

    Always super cool to watch these. You make it look easy. My wife and I watched your venison butcher video and then proceeded to take about 4 times as long as you did. It is enjoyable though.

  5. Lucas Wincote says:

    The fat on that pig is so white. Meat looks a wonderful colour too!!!! Making me hungry. Glad that I have a Boston Butt and 2 racks of ribs coming tomorrow!!!! Will be smoking them on Friday the 8th on my UDS and Weber Kettle. Would love to get some of your rub as looks a really nice blend and adheres to the the meat well too.

  6. noytheyah says:

    Do y’all slaughter the pig too? If so can you do a video on that? Where do you get your pork from? What about the USDA stuff, does your work have to be inspected? How long are you hanging the carcass before butchering?

  7. Tanner Tibodeau says:

    When you hang your meat how cold do you keep your coolers, is there any temp difference of the meat from when you take it from the cooler to the table to make it more comfortable to work with?

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