How to BREAK up a STREET FIGHT with Nick Drossos



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7 thoughts on “How to BREAK up a STREET FIGHT with Nick Drossos

  1. Young Rugged And Raw says:

    i was kinda practicing "shadowboxing" but throwing elbow strikes and it causes me some shoulder injury is it rotator cuff or what idk. happened with my right one last yea. now last week i jsut threw 3-4 werent even full power and now my left shoulder has been hurting for a while. I cant train because of these injuries, what remedy should i apply its annoying pain keeps coming back if i start to work even when it's light one. I just want to gain a little muscle man

  2. Yodas Tiny Lightsaber says:

    Thank you, Nick, for everything you do. Yesterday I broke up a fight in a tram. When one of the guys got really aggressive, I heard your voice in my head the entire time: "Where the head goes, the body follows." Guy was on the floor within seconds and it ended without anyone needing an ambulance.

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